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A Brooklyn College First

Students protest outside the Brooklyn College Library. PHOTO/ Zainab Iqbal

By Ryan Gleason

Published: October 10th, 2018

History was made this past month on campus. For the first time ever in Brooklyn College’s history, an entire class didn’t show up for the first six weeks of school. Students, teachers, staff and administrators were shocked to hear the accounts of Greek Mythology Professor Marlon Archibald, who has worked at the school for 47 years this spring. The anger and confusion exhibited by the tenured professor is understandable, as his career is his life.

“I showed up every morning, 8 a.m. sharp and not one student was there. Every day. I received no concerned emails, absolutely nothing. I even posted on blacked board, the website, and nothing. I am so confused and to be frank, I am just sad,” said the 72 year old Classics professor. Due to his age, through his own admittance, and technological advancements, Professor Archibald was unsure how to access his roster and somehow deleted it. The mystery may never be solved.

It is unclear the motive of these students, as their absences will surely have severe consequences. No suspensions or expulsions have been issued so far.

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