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A ‘Fuller House’ Filled with More Surprises

The Tanner girls and gang are all back for season 3 of 'Fuller House.' PHOTO/ Screen Crush
The Tanner girls and gang are all back for season 3 of ‘Fuller House.’ PHOTO/ Screen Crush

By Michal Yefet

“Whatever happened to predictability? Did it get left behind in the original ‘Full House’ or is it stuck in the time gap between the predecessor and ‘Fuller House’?”

Steve is getting married to CJ, not to DJ. But is he having second thoughts about the wedding? Little Max has a girlfriend. Stephanie might be able to have kids after all. And Ramona gets a pony. Fans couldn’t have predicted any of this from season two!

On September 22, Netflix released its third season of “Fuller House,” in which the gang reunited once more.  

“Fuller House” returns with the entire cast from the show, as well as special guest appearances from the forerunner, “Full House,” including Danny (Bob Saget), Uncle Jessie (John Stamos), Joey (Dave Coulier), Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin), and even Gia (Marla Sokoloff).

In the final episode of season two, “Happy New Year Baby,” Steve (Scott Weigner) proposes to CJ (Virginia Williams), even though DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) does the actual proposing. We learn that DJ was really going to pick Steve the summer before over Matt (John Brotherton), but things became hectic.

Through the drama, however, viewers caught some great moments. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky adopted a daughter, Pamela Donaldson Katsopolis, who, as Uncle Jesse tells us, is “named after my sister, your wife, and your mother,” as he looks at Danny and the girls.

In this season’s first episode, “Best Summer Ever,” Steve and CJ are flying around the world to get married in Japan; the entire Fuller Family, Aunt Steph (Jodie Sweetin), and The Gibblers are, of course, invited to the wedding.

Knowing that there is an actual date planned for Steve’s wedding (that is not to DJ) pained fans like no other. The engagement was hurtful, but now with an actual date in motion, we know that it is set in stone, crumbling all of our dreams of Steve and DJ finally getting back together after so many years apart. Steve and DJ are soul mates; they have been so ever since we first met Steve in “Full House.” These two need each other!

In “Say Yes to the Dress,” Steve calls DJ during her busy work day, mid-surgery, to tell her that there is an “emergency,” and DJ rushes over. This ‘big’ emergency is that Steve cannot decide on which tie to wear for his wedding. DJ can’t believe she ran out of surgery to help him pick a tie— that’s when you know these two are meant to be together!

While in the bridal shop, DJ sees a beautiful dress, and the saleswoman encourages her to try it on. Not knowing this particular dress was CJ’s, DJ is in love with the dress and doesn’t want to get out of it. The saleswoman then takes a picture of Steve and DJ in wedding attire and calls them “a beautiful couple.” Later on, we get to see the picture and it reminds fans of their prom picture in “Full House,” which causes nostalgic bells to ring. We even get to see Steve and DJ perform their duet to “Summer Loving” that they performed all throughout high school; taking us back to the couple we all know and love.

To continue the ringing of these bells, original lines from “Full House” are added like “Oh my ‘lanta,” “How rude!” and “We talk it out, we work it out, and we hug out.”

When Uncle Jesse comes to babysit in “Uncle Jesse’s Adventures in Babysitting,” our inner-child is overjoyed with excitement! We enter a parallel universe where Uncle Jesse sings his famous bedtime song, only this time to his daughter Pamela, and not the three Tanner girls. Uncle Jesse sings Elvis Presley’s “(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear” while DJ and Steph harmonize around Pamela’s crib.

The season comes to an end, leaving fans with their jaws dropped. In “Wedding or Not Here We Come,” the cast boards a plane to fly to Japan for the big wedding, Steve, sadly isn’t marrying DJ, but CJ. Or as Kimmy (Andrea Barber) puts it, “We’re on our way to the wedding you’d never thought you’d have gone to, unless you were the bride.” While the flight is just about to take off, Jimmy Gibbler (Adam Hagenbuch), Stephanie’s boyfriend, runs onto the plane to convince Steph that she should at least consider him as a potential option for a sperm donor. He proves to her that he has just as much to offer as her other options…and more, which Steph finally agrees to.

On the flight, Matt confides in Stephanie that he wants to propose to DJ once they land in Japan and shows her an engagement ring. Stephanie is beside herself and is so happy for her big sister! As this is happening, DJ confides with, who she thinks is Kimmy (when it is really Steve), that she wishes Steve wasn’t marrying CJ because she is still in love with him, and was going to choose him after all; she says, “It’s tearing me up, I feel like I’m losing my soul mate.” Steve is in shock, as we all are, and begins to have doubts about his upcoming wedding.

Just as we think we are going to get some sense to all this craziness, the credits roll and we are left baffled. What will happen once the gang lands in Japan? Will there be a wedding…or could there be two?

 “Fuller House” did not disappoint with surprises, especially not with piecing together our childhood hearts with nostalgia. We can only hope season four comes soon. Three seasons in, and still no sign of the Olsen twins. What are they up to that they can’t guest star? Hopefully we get our answers in the ‘unpredictable’ next season.

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