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A Letter to The Editor: The Residence Hall Management Responds to Sexual Assault Allegation

RHBC management responds to a story we published last week. PHOTO/ Residence Hall @ Brooklyn College

By Eitan Madmon

Published: November 7th, 2018

The dormitory management and any of its employees strongly and decisively condemn any conduct that is sexually inappropriate in any way.

Neither the dormitory management nor any of its employees have ever received any complaint regarding a possible harassment.  Furthermore, no such complaint has ever been received from the day the dormitories were put into operation by any of the tenants or by any other person.

Therefore, we have at this time no ability to relate to the claim made in the article. We have noted that Ms. Christine DeLisser never claims in the article that any complaint was made by her to RHBC management. It should be emphasized that there is 24/7 security in the dormitory. In addition, there are resident’s assistants (RA’s), whose job is to provide a 24/7 solution to any problem that arises in the building. The RA’s are students themselves.

We are certain that if such a complaint has been put forward it would have received a quick, immediate and uncompromising response.

With regard to the physical conditions in the dormitories – The dormitories are very clean and very well maintained. Those who are interested are invited to the dormitory building to be impressed by the level of maintenance and high cleanliness.

It is important to emphasize that we are private entrepreneurs. We invested and continue to invest $50 millions in the RHBC building. This is done in order to build and manage a decent and a valuable dormitory for Brooklyn College and its students. We served many thousands of students over the years.

We strongly reject all claims raised in the article. RHBC is a very safe place to live in, as well as very well maintained and clean.

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  1. This is a lie. My friend who was doing a international exchange had a terrible experience. In just one semeter he had to submitte a large amount of money, somewhere abotve 7,000 US dollar including safety deposite -still, that’s a lot. In his first day arriving, no bedsheet or blanket was provided and he had to purchance new one. The room was left without cleaning upon his arrival. It sounds like a scam. Small room, bad mantainance and disproportional high fee. The Resident Hall of BC is actually invested by some oversea capitalist from isreal, it’s not a partnof BC and accepts any college student in any parts of NYC.

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