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A Pro-Trump View at Brooklyn College

By Cole Boyd

Published: February 15th, 2017

The level of Trump support at Brooklyn College is not as small as most would guess, according to young Republican Zach Nomer. Despite disagreeing with the new president on many of his actions so far, Nomer feels that conservatives seem unable to voice their opinions on campus because of the vocal opposition by his classmates and professors. While the past three weeks have proven that Trump is not perfect, Nomer still has faith that the president has America’s best interests in mind and was a far better choice than Hillary Clinton.

Indeed, the Brooklyn College sophomore’s decision to support Trump is largely a result of his distrust of Clinton—something that the Democratic candidate struggled with throughout the campaign. “Trump obviously isn’t much better,” Nomer said, “but Hillary’s actions have legitimately cost lives.” Nomer then went on to cite the former Secretary of State’s handling of the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya in 2012 as well as the alleged “trail of bodies” that followed her during her husband’s administration. He further explained that there was evidence that people who had compromising information on the Clintons were found dead, such as Vince Foster and a friend of Monica Lewinsky. Nomer comes from a military family and believes not only that Trump showed more respect for the armed forces than his opponent, but also that “someone who wasn’t Hillary Clinton would’ve gone to prison” for how she handled Benghazi.

Nomer said that while he isn’t afraid to speak out in class—“I’m a loud person”—many of his fellow Trump supporters are because of the bias in the classroom. As a result, Nomer explained, “It’s an obligation to say my beliefs because it fights against the narrative” that Brooklyn College is universally anti-Trump, even though he gets “swamped by everybody else” when he does. This liberal-minded atmosphere is one of the things that Nomer hopes the president will help to fix. “Political correctness and social justice warriors really put a damper on things, especially on college campuses,” he said. “Trump stood in the way of that.”

When asked about the president’s ongoing feud with the media, Nomer revealed that he was torn on the issue. “Trump makes a good point because the media is out to get him,” he explained, going on to accuse the TV networks of misrepresenting Trump by editing footage of his speeches. “On the other hand, when he’s not telling the media what’s happening, it goes against government transparency…. You’re not letting the press do their job,” he said.

According to Nomer, the media and people in the real world, especially those on college campuses, came together to provide Trump with a receptive audience who were fed up with every white man being “crucified for being a racist.” He insisted that many of the people who are opposing Trump on every issue “need to read.” While he respects their right to oppose the president on specific policies that concern them, he thinks that many are simply wishing him to fail and are not considering the good of the country in doing so.

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