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A Safe and Creative Space at Brooklyn College

Published: October 25th, 2017

Stuck in the Library represents a safe space of shared artwork and creativity.  Our team of 25 students have worked relentlessly to serve the Brooklyn College community and the people of New York City through fundraising children’s books for the underprivileged, hosting over 75 free creative writing workshops, creating a free and honor-based library for Brooklyn College students, while hosting eight events and publishing two magazines per semester for artists to freely express themselves, cultivating nothing short of a booming creative-community. I am honored to be part of a dedicated team and am thrilled to be approaching the organization’s fifth year anniversary and 30th magazine release.

In my three years as president, I have stood up to various challenges that stood in the way of this mission and will continue to do so. I have established several channels for students and members of my team to reach me directly, which includes an open door policy and anonymous surveys that go straight to my desk. I welcome any student who has a concern with free speech or the safety of their space to communicate with me. By communicating and working together we can all bring about a high energy and safe environment for creativity and expression.

Paulette Gindi

President of Stuck in the Library

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