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Alexander Wang Collaborates With H&M

H&M’s collaboration with Alexander Wang features sporty outfits with a very minimalist style. PHOTO/ NY Mag
H&M’s collaboration with Alexander Wang features sporty outfits with a very minimalist style. PHOTO/ NY Mag

By Christell Cherenfant

Published: November 27, 2014

As soon as news broke that H&M would be doing a collaboration with Alexander Wang and releasing the items in stores on November 6, thousands lined up outside the stores to wait for the collection to drop. The collaboration with Alexander Wang was truly awaited, and if waiting in line wasn’t bad enough, the New York Times reported that the online website crashed as well. The collaboration brought forth quality products with minimalistic, abstract patterns. Wang loves his simplicity. The women’s apparel included a solid-colored, cut-out, bodycon dress, a basic cropped sweatshirt with “Wang” strategically embroidered across the front, and a whole lot of black. The men’s apparel was almost all black. The line overall mainly consisted of sportswear, including some sports bras for women, boxing gloves, and even a tote bag. All of the pieces in this collection embodied the idea of a clean-cut look—everything was neat and pristine. Some of the women’s tops were form-fitting, while others were looser and hung off of the body. Men’s shirts contained a lot more texture; there were tops with slim sleeves, leather sleeves, and sleeves made from a rough, patchy, patterned fabric.

It seems like Wang loves to take credit for his artistic skills, because his name was all over the apparel. This collaboration had many people very excited because Wang is an American fashion designer who charges hundreds, even thousands of dollars for his merchandise, and H&M is a retail clothing company which sells its most fashion-forward items for an affordable price. Having the two work together on a project was major news. To be able to buy some of Wang’s products without breaking the bank was worth the wait. Although a couple of the items were a bit pricey, the collection practically sold out. Some even bought the merchandise in bulk in order to resell on eBay and collect a profit from the venture. Let’s just say, you shouldn’t knock anyone’s hustle.


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