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Giants’ Injuries May Provide Much Needed Change

Eli Manning and Ben McAdoo may have an opportunity to amend the selfish culture that has developed around them after some of the team’s biggest personalities fell to injury on Sunday. PHOTO/ Curt Johnson – Flickr Creative Commons

By Adam Zaki Published: October 11th, 2017 In their continued dismantle of 2017, the 0-5 New York Giants have continued their freefall from their preseason status as Super Bowl contenders, past mediocrity and now into shamefulness. With a complete lack of core fundamentals, like blocking and tackling, the offense’s most …

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After Two Decades, the Menendez Brothers Case Returns in “Law & Order True Crime”

Law Order True Crime 2

By Bianca Cange Published: October 4th, 2017 The longest running crime show in television, “Law & Order,” brings the Menendez brothers’ names back into the headlines after almost two decades.  The “Law & Order” franchise is already known for its series, “Criminal Intent,” “Special Victims Unit,” “Trial By Jury” and …

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Brooklyn College’s ‘Writer’s Circle’ Offers a Judgement Free Zone to Write

By Carmen Saffioti Published: October 4th, 2017 Ever write something that you needed an objective opinion on? Perhaps, you might be interested in Writer’s Circle. This club formed last year, and is completely student run. It allows students to share their writing, mostly creative, in a judgement free zone. Students …

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MLB Playoff Prediction: The Path to a Historical Rematch

The Chicago Cubs may not be celebrating a repeat of last year’s victory, as they have a tough road ahead in the NLDS and the NLCS, should they make it. PHOTO/ Shutter Runner – Flickr Creative Commons

By Ivan Morrobel Published: October 4th, 2017 After a total of 4,860 Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season games, meaningful October baseball has finally arrived. Ten teams will face off for a chance to capture the 112th World Series Championship. During the 2016 World Series, fans witnessed the American League …

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Title Fight: Internal Conflicts Within English Department Result in Hierarchical Drama

Professor Anthony Mancini was reinstated as director of the Journalism program after internal conflicts ​within​ the English department. PHOTO/ Zainab Iqbal

By Adam Zaki and Zainab Iqbal Published: October 4th, 2017 Internal problems within the English department at Brooklyn College resulted in Anthony Mancini, the director of the Journalism program, to be stripped of his 37-year title, only to later get it back. “You’re not going to be director anymore,” Ellen …

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