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Complex Histories of the Marginalized: Q&A with Alan Aja, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Department

Some of Professor Alan Aja’s endeavors before he began teaching include work as a human rights and labor organizer. PHOTO/ Faraz T. Toor

By Radhika Viswanathan Published: November  24th, 2015 Alan Aja is a professor in Brooklyn College’s Department of Puerto Rican and Latino Studies. He received a B.A. in Sociology and Communication n 1997, an M.A. in Sustainable International Development in 2000 and a Ph.D. in Public and Urban Policy in 2008. His …

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Literature for All Ages: Q&A with Roni Natov, English Department

Professor Roni Natov has taught at Brooklyn College since 1969. PHOTO/ Faraz T. Toor

By Radhika Viswanathan Published: November  10th, 2015 Roni Natov is a professor in the English Department at Brooklyn College, where she has taught since 1969. In 1975 she received her Ph.D. in Literature and English from New York University. She also teaches classes Victorian and children’s literature, a Macaulay Honors seminar, …

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Opera, Gender, and Disabilities: Q&A with Professor Stephanie Jensen-Moulton, director of the Conservatory of Music

Professor Stephanie Jensen-Moulton, first-year director of the Conservatory of Music. PHOTO/ Radhika Viswanathan

By Radhika Viswanathan Published: November  3rd, 2015 Professor Stephanie Jensen-Moulton is the director of the Conservatory of Music and a professor of musicology at Brooklyn College. After receiving her B.A. in music from Hollins University and a Masters in voice performance from Boston University, she graduated with a Ph.D. in musicology …

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Students Show Pride to Combat Prejudice

LGBT Alliance president Sami Binder (left) opens the event

By Radhika Viswanathan Published: October  13th, 2015 Thursday, the sixth floor of the Student Center building was bustling with activity. Students and faculty members came together to celebrate National Coming Out Day, decorating the room with rainbow flags and sporting nametags labeled with their preferred pronoun. Brooklyn College champions diversity in …

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