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BC Professor Falsely Accuses Colleague of Denying Climate Change

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By Zainab Iqbal

Published: November 1st, 2017

On Oct. 22, Brooklyn College professor John Anderson, the director of Journalism and Media Studies, tweeted, “We have a clime denialist (tenured geologist, natch) who invited Pamela Geller to speak on our campus a couple of years ago.” The claim may be false after a response from the accused professor.

The only professor at Brooklyn College who fits Anderson’s description is none other than BC professor David Seidemann of the geology department. Though he did invite anti-Islamic commentator and conservative Pam Geller to campus two years ago,  he does not at all deny climate change.

“That charge is totally made up. I never held that position,” Seidemann said. “Any student in any of my core classes will have the class notes to prove that, to the contrary, I describe the CO2 (carbon dioxide) and temperature evident that supports the belief in global warming. I also add C14 (Carbon-14, radiocarbon) evidence suggesting that it is human caused.”

In 2014, Seidemann published an article for Reports of the National Center for Science Education titled, “How to Determine Earth’s Age: A Small Clarification and a Big Lesson for The New York Times.” In the report, he refers it as an error to deny the consensus among scientists that human addition of carbon dioxide causes the climate to change—as 97 percent of scientists agree with global warming.  

The Excelsior reached out to Anderson, but he did not comment.

“Clearly, that charge is a baseless smear and I defy anyone to find any evidence whatsoever that I deny climate change,” Seidemann said. “Simply amazing that people can get away with outright lies.”

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  1. It’s a little ironic that the director of Journalism and Media Studies would be the one to put out false information. Do you by any chance know what prompted this tweet?

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