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BC’s Chinese Christian Fellowship Provides an Inviting and Inclusive Environment

The fifteen members of the BC Chinese Christian Fellowship club. PHOTO/ Jacky Qiu
The fifteen members of the BC Chinese Christian Fellowship club. PHOTO/ Jacky Qiu

By Edmund Zhen

Published: December 6th, 2017

Meeting new people, building deep friendships, relaxing, and having fun every week: these are just some of the things the members of the Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCF) club at Brooklyn College engage in. CCF prides itself on in providing an inviting space and friendly group of people for students to become a part of during their college years, with the goal of reviving your own goals to have a healthy and robust social life.

CCF is a Christian club that has a history of staying true to its goals to promote good hospitality and kindness to each other. Another goal that is aligned with CCF’s main principles is to evangelize to those who are non-Christians and spread the gospel. But don’t let its name fool you! CCF is a club that has its doors open to all races, genders, and non-believers! Every Tuesday during common hours, the club meets in the Student Center where they wait for members to gather and head to their club room to chill and, occasionally, have fellowship. Fellowship is gathering together for spiritual purposes such as sharing needs, accepting and giving prayers, encouraging, comforting, and edifying one another. 

Vanessa Chia-Chung, a senior undergraduate Brooklyn College majoring in Acting, has been attending the club ever since she was getting her Associates Degree at another college. Introduced through a friend of hers, she stepped out of her comfort zone and was embraced by  the people who would later be those who ignited her love for the club. Chung recalls one of her first memories there.

“There was one week when we were reading the Bible and people started sharing about their lives and how God has changed them for the better,” she said. “I barely knew some of these people, but they were so open about sharing such intimate details about their lives. It was wonderful being part of that. The club isn’t made up of just current enrolled students, but also alumni who come back week after week to pour their efforts into building this club. I feel stress free from school when I’m in this club! I show up and spend quality time with people of quality.” 

Jacky Qiu, a junior undergraduate majoring in Communications, also voiced his personal experience. 

“When I first hit college I wasn’t directly under CCF. People told me to go but I wasn’t brave enough to,” he said. “One day, I took the initiative to go and I’ve never felt so welcomed and loved by those whom I met for the first time.”

With kindness, good hospitality, and spreading the gospel as some of the fine ingredients that multiplied the club numbers from five to 15 in only a few years, perhaps it can be said that the experience shared by a few of its club members makes its weekly meetings sound like heaven on earth. With its doors open and welcoming, why wouldn’t you take the chance to walk into the Student Center and experience it for yourself?

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  1. Dear Edmund
    I read your article about Chinese Christian Fellowship in Brooklyn College
    Our church in Brooklyn is interested to expand our Youth ministry in Brooklyn
    Is there a time when my minister and I can visit your fellowship meeting?
    May God bless your amazing work!

    • Hello Fragrance, This is Jia Wai Qiu the Treasurer of Brooklyn College Chinese Christian Fellowship. If you have any inquiries that you want to reach out to please feel free to message me on Facebook.

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