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BC’s Stingiest Peace Officer has “High” Number of Complaints

By Adam Zaki

Published: October 18th, 2017

Brooklyn College Peace Officer David Mercado has a “high” number of complaints against him, according to BC’s Head of Campus Security and Public Safety Donald Wenz.

“I know Officer Mercado is [strict] about IDs,” Wenz said, referring to the policy of Peace Officers to check the IDs of students upon entering campus and Mercado’s enforcement of it. Although Wenz did refer to Mercado has a “thorough officer,” he did note that there are two formal complaints filed against Mercado this year.

Of the 14 complaints against the Public Safety and Campus Security office in 2017, two are against Mercado. “I’d say that it’s pretty high,” Wenz said, when asked how the number of complaints against Mercado compares to the average number of complaints an officer gets.

According to Wenz, there are 80 “uniformed” officers at Brooklyn College. This means that Mercado’s two complaints account for almost 20 percent of all complaints at the college this year. 

One of the cases against Mercado has closed, and the other case is still pending. Case files are never made public, in order to protect the personal information of both the complainant and officer.

When being notified about The Excelsior’s inquiry on Oct. 5, Mercado said, “I think I know what you’re going to write about.” When formally asked about the complaints against him a week later, Mercado declined to give a statement. He was only willing to verify that he is a fairly new officer and enjoys his job.

If you see an officer with badge number 355 at the gate, make sure to bring your ID or attempt to enter at another entrance, because Mercado doesn’t want to hear a reason if you don’t have your ID. His adherence to the policy supersedes the leniency for students running out during class or entering campus with their hands full.

Mercado’s thoroughness is imposed on every Brooklyn College student he meets, and it is more than likely that most students have already had a run in with campus’ strictest guard.

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