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Beyond Interpreting Dreams

Barbara Courouble, “Catch at Sunrise.” PHOTO/ Flickr Creative Commons
Barbara Courouble, “Catch at Sunrise.” PHOTO/ Flickr Creative Commons

By C.M. Fabara

Published: February 7th, 2018

Some still unknown entity plans, produces, directs and delivers the massive number of dreams people and other mammals dream every night! And God is probably the only being with sufficient power to do all those things.

Dreams instruct, guide, even direct and reward or punish people, and I posit that a fundamental way God intervenes in our lives is by deciding what dreams He gives us and other mammals. 

Are the people in our dreams real? If so, where do they reside? In some other dimension? They sure are real. Are they actors someone casts and hires to play a part in a dream? Who develops the technology of the airplanes and other marvels I have dreamt about which are far more advanced than anything currently available? Who are the women I have intimate encounters with in my dreams? Is there a way to contact them for another encounter? 

The more a person exposes him or herself to media, the less rich and less important his or her dreams become. It startles me how almost everyone ignores the magnificence of dreams and instead sits in front of a television, I suppose knowing they’re being injected with words, ideas, values, characters, places, and things others have fastidiously selected to insert into their being to get them to think, feel, and act in ways that will benefit the exploiters. 

Last night I dreamt extraordinary and extremely vivid dreams, and I’m also increasingly enjoying those few short moments when my conscious and my subconscious state overlap as I start to dream before falling asleep or start to wake up. In fact, this morning I admitted to myself that as exciting as my waking life is, my dreams are richer. 

We all need to realize that dreams are more important than they are currently considered to be, let’s go beyond simply interpreting them. Something tells me that conducting more well-funded research on the activity we all do in inner space during the third of our life we dedicate to sleep might allow us to comprehend life far better and live far better than we may have ever imagined. 

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