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Brockhampton iridescence Review

iridescence is Brockhampton’s post success album following the realease of the SATURATION trilogy. PHOTO/ Ashlan Grey

By Jarrod Benn

Published: October 3rd, 2018

The long-awaited album iridescence by Brockhampton was officially released on September 21st, 2018. Last year the multi-member boy band released three albums as part of the Saturation saga; these albums are what skyrocketed the group into what they are now, and iridescence is the post-success story. The band’s latest collection of unconventional rap, pop, and EDM-like cuts don’t seem to disappoint and the amount of perfectly timed transitions made this one of the most unpredictable yet enjoyable albums of the year so far.

Listeners can expect to be welcomed into the project by a fast-paced and intense verse from the track titled “NEW ORLEANS.” This track manages to set the tone for what a majority of the project has in store. The beat to this intro track is scattered with verses coming in from all directions and eventually smoothly transitions to some heartwarming melodic vocals.

Most, if not all, the tracks are heavily painted with strokes of confessional-like verses from all members of the group; in upbeat tracks like “WHERE THE CASH AT “and “DISTRICT” there are hints  that even with the money made throughout their journey, there are problems that a quick fix can’t be purchased.

This project may seem to have an unexpected twist if you’ve listened to the group’s previous works. All members of the group are present throughout the project; some members managed to standout a bit more than others, but they weren’t the usual suspects. The group’s most notable act seems to have taken the backseat this time around. Fan favorites like Matt Champion and Kevin Abstract were the least present throughout the project. With that being said, front man Kevin Abstract was still able to pull off one of the best verses on the album which can be found in the more poetic and personal song titled “WEIGHT.”

The group has had a few controversies stir up; most were not in their favor. A pivotal member of the group had been dropped during what might’ve been one of the group’s biggest obstacles thus far. The allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct against ex-Brockhampton member Ameer Vann seem to have taken a toll on the band as a whole. As a group, they decided to cut the emcee who is the face of their first three album covers. This was a decision that caused mixed emotions among fans. Even without former standout member Ameer Vann, the group still manages to deliver some of their best work yet.

The beat selection on this project is truly non-traditional when compared to the albums of their contemporaries. The blend of bass filled crashes and heavy hitting drums that are simultaneously competing with synths and other unconventional hip hop sounds make some of the beats on this thing sound nearly heaven sent.

The album gradually tones down from aggressive and intense to a more ear-friendly and melodic sound that is present in the last 4 tracks. For their first label distributed album they’ve managed to show off some new tricks while staying true to the sound that made fans all over fall in love. All in all iridescence is a great start to a  new chapter in the Brockhampton story.

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