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Brooklyn College Feels the Bern

By Jericho Tran

Published: March 30th, 2016

Actors Danny Devito and Justin Bartha helped students register to vote in time for the upcoming primary election outside Whitehead Hall on Thursday afternoon, despite the difficulties that students organizing the event faced.

“The media wasn’t really much of a problem, a lot of it was just the bureaucracy in the school because it’s very tough to organize events last minute,” said Bandoylo, “We went to the to the office we kind of hammered each and every one of the Student Affairs people over here and we got them to say yes, we pigeon holed them to say yes.”

According to Bandoylo, much of the difficulty in scheduling the event came from last minute organizing.

“It was very short notice,” said Brooklyn College student Marc Bandoylo, “I eventually convinced them [Student Affairs] because they were at first very hesitant… I said we need to get high profile people here on the campus to help promote Bernie Sanders and to even promote the campus.”

Devito and Bartha voiced their support for Bernie Sanders as students crowded around their table trying to take photos and receive autographs. 

“I came out here to support Bernie because I believe in him, “said Devito, “The reason I’m supporting Bernie is because, to me, he’s a good guy who’s illuminating what’s going on in the country and has a plan how to make it better.”

“Have a say in your future. You’re a citizen of this country,” said Bartha in an interview with the Excelsior, “ It’s a right that you have and your voice will be heard especially in this election.” 

While the event was scheduled to take place in Boylan Hall, the buzz surrounding the two actors caused the location of the event to change, as over 100 students gathered outside.

“There can always be more but it’s a huge turnout, it’s great!, “ said Bartha, “The students at Brooklyn College are exactly who we want to see right now.”

Along with the actors, volunteers from the Bernie Sanders Campaign Office in Gowanus, surrounded the crowd of students from both Brooklyn College and other surrounding schools.

“I’m here because I wanted to see Danny Devito [since] I’m already registered to vote,” said Brooklyn College sophomore Alejandra Catana, “ it’s really important to vote, everybody’s vote at the end would make a difference.” 

The Brooklyn College Democrats, a currently inactive group, moved to endorse Bernie Sanders over a year ago through various fundraisers, as some of its original members also helped to organize the event on Thursday.

“He [Bernie Sanders] invited us to a VIP fundraiser, one of the first that his campaign held in Manhattan,” said Bandoylo, who was later approached by the Bernie Sander’s organization to contact Student Affairs in order to set up the event.

 Susan Sarandon was originally scheduled to arrive on campus.However, Bartha showed up in her place instead. 

According to the 2016 Election Central, the Primary Election for New York will take place on Tuesday April 19th.

“Look at the election, what’s going on. Listen to all the candidates make your own choice,” said Devito. “It’s not one person who is able to fix everything, if they are saying that they’re giving you the flim flam. Evaluate and make your own choices.”

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