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Brooklyn College Professor Refers to Kavanaugh Allegations as “Spin-The-Bottle” Activities

A BC professor is under heat by students after posting controversial statements on his personal blog. PHOTO/ Zainab Iqbal

By Zainab Iqbal

Published: October 3rd, 2018

“If someone did not commit sexual assault in high school, then he is not a member of the male sex.”

Brooklyn College Associate Professor in Business Management, Mitchell Langbert, referred to Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations as “spin-the-bottle-activities,” in his blog.

“In the future, having committed sexual assault in high school ought to be a prerequisite for all appointments, judicial and political,” Langbert wrote. “Those who did not play spin-the-bottle when they were 15 should not be in public life.”

On September 27, the night after Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lanbert wrote a post titled,” Kavanaugh.” He wrote, “The Democrats have discovered that 15-year- olds play spin-the-bottle, and they have jumped on a series of supposed spin-the-bottle crimes during Kavanaugh’s minority, which they characterize as rape, although no one complained or reported any crime for 40 years.”

A screenshot of part of the post, “Kavanaugh,” from Professor Langbert’s blog.

He then criticizes the Democratic Party by saying it is a party of “tutu-wearing pansies, sissies who lack virility, a sense of decency, or the masculine judgment that has characterized the greatest civilizations.”

Langbert accepted the Excelsior’s request to comment, and said this: “I don’t take 40-year-old allegations about 15-year-olds seriously, especially when there is underlying partisan motivation about which the Democrats are lying. I also don’t believe for a second that the reason for the allegations has anything to do with legitimate offenses.

I also believe that allegations of sexual harrassment have been repeatedly used here at Brooklyn College and at colleges around the country to defame, lie about, and attempt to harm the careers of faculty with whom the dominant Democratic Party power structure disagrees.

A a result, I have twice had to bring an attorney to campus to defend against defamatory allegations. There is little question that defamatory sexual harassment allegations have frequently been brought here at Brooklyn, within the business department, and around the country, as political tools. That the Democrats disagree with Kavanaugh is understandable, but to use lies or likely minor incidents that never elicited any sort of complaint lacks the virile sense of truth characteristic of an earlier age. And yes, the Democrats are a party of totalitarian sissies.”

As this is a personal blog post, Brooklyn College won’t make an official statement about the statements.

Young Progressives of America (YPA), a political and activist organization, had this to say: “His statements are genuinely dangerous-they clearly advocate for participating in violent crimes, and generally in discrimination against women-who are already in serious danger, statistically, on college campuses and in broader society.

Even more troubling is the implication that all men do, or should commit sexual assault-especially as a prerequisite to hold positions of power. We are proud of President Michelle Anderson’s recent condemnation of Brett Kavanaugh in Washington DC. An institution with a ‘commitment to diversity’ cannot employ anyone who publicly supports and calls for sexually-based violence. Brooklyn College must immediately cut ties with professor Langbert. We call for his full investigation and termination.”

YPA is holding a protest on the East Quad this Thursday, Oct. 4th during common hours, to call for Langbert’s termination.

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