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Brooklyn College Students Making Strides in Social Media

Sergine Regnier uses her blog, "Lady Sergine," as a way to express her pride in her Haitian culture. PHOTO/ www.ladysergine.com
Sergine Regnier uses her blog, “Lady Sergine,” as a way to express her pride in her Haitian culture. PHOTO/

By Mariah Monet

Published: November 9th, 2016

In an era dominated by social media, students turn to Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter to find solace among tweets and memes. College students are some of the most active social media users. But where some students just scroll, others create.

Take Jamie Deliz for example. A Brooklyn College student studying journalism and T.V. Radio, Deliz decided to create her own website one night. Her blog, JamieDeliz.com, focuses on life, music, travel and pop culture.

“To me, the most exciting thing in the world is discovering and learning new things. Whether it’s people, different cultures, fashion, food, and businesses, I want to know about it. All of it,” said Deliz.“My website is basically a ‘little storage spot’ that holds all of my writing.”

Nielsen Social reported that 6.7 million people use blogging websites to make their voices heard, and another 12 million use social media networks to write blog posts. The majority of bloggers, 53.3 percent of the total blogging population, are 21-to-35 year olds (). And many of these young bloggers can be found right on the Brooklyn College campus.

“At first, it just started as a kind of Pinterest board on Tumblr, where I could reblog pictures and posts that would motivate me to study. But it quickly turned into something way bigger than I ever thought,” said Keila Lopez, who runs a very successful Tumblr blog centered on organization and study tips.

Lopez is known to the blog world as a study-blogger, a trend that has thousands of notes on the popular, indie website. “Anything to do with studying or getting organized with respect to time or time management,” Lopez continued. “I chose to focus on this because I needed a way to motivate myself to get back on track and stay on track.”

Lopez’s blog “Organize and Study” receives both positive and negative feedback from students around the globe. She showcases questions from other students on her feed in order to help others who are experiencing similar problems.

Other websites like YouTube have a partnership program, where creators can get paid to upload content based on their view count and length of videos. The opportunities for students are endless; whatever your passion is, there are numerous ways to create content and share.

Busra Yilmaz is a kinesiology student at Brooklyn College and an up-and-coming Instagrammer. Yilmaz posts about traveling around the world on her Instagram page. “I actually started to use it just for fun, but then it became more than fun,” said Yilmaz. “Many things happen all around the world and you want to share your thoughts and feelings about what happens. So here is the way [to] put one picture, and [then] share your thoughts and your side—sometimes political, sometimes personal—whatever [it is].”

Sergine Régnier is another student who started a blog: Lady Sergine. Régnier created her site because she wanted to highlight her Haitian culture. “I try to bring a lot of light on my Haitian culture. My culture is a big part of who I am,” said Régnier, who is minoring in journalism. “I refuse to share negative images of Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. I wrote an article called ‘Haiti Will Rise’ to shed light on the beauty of my culture.”

Régnier just celebrated her one-year anniversary for her blog. She praises her Haitian culture, which she says is an inspiration to write. “American Haitians tell me they are more aware of their Haitian culture because of my blog,” said Régnier.

According to the  , only 27 percent of college graduates have careers related to what they had majored in. Further, Penn State found that an estimated 20 to 50 percent of students enter college as “undecided.” To stay open-minded, it’s imperative to find a passion, hobby or skill outside of college.

“I think it’s highly important for students to engage in extracurricular projects. We are not meant to be bound to a school desk for the rest of our lives,” said Lopez. “The point of getting an education is to be able to apply that learned knowledge to actual life, in ways that are conducive to our society.”

When asked about advice for students who want to pursue their passions outside of school, Deliz gave a personal account. “Just go for it! Like I said, one night, I decided to do it,” said Deliz. “You just have to be like, ‘Let me just do this already.’ I’ve done it, and it’s one thing off my list. You want to show the rest of the world what you’re made of—your work, everything.”

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