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Brooklyn College Students’ MTA Horror Stories

By Marcus Ayala

Published: April 3rd, 2019

Whenever you’re late to a New York City commuter school, there’s usually one reason, the MTA. Brooklyn College students and member of NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign spoke about their worst MTA horror stories and the negative effect it had on their college experience. Their goal is to pressure the MTA and Governor Andrew Cuomo into making the MTA reach its potential.

Students were given the opportunity by NYPIRG to voice their stories and give feedback on what they would of or what the MTA should do to improve the system. Many of them spoke about their troubles getting to school and work due to the MTA and not having a realistic alternative.

Jaqi Cohen started off with her MTA horror story. Cohen, of the Straphangers Campaign, said, “I was going to JFK Airport and I was taking the A train to Howard Beach. I was going to JFK Airport because I was leaving to California to go to my wedding and the train stopped in the tunnel. I thought I was going to miss my old wedding.” She ended up making it and still feared the worst on what should of been a special day because of the MTA she expressed.

Parapar Madha a sophomore and double major in Speech-language pathology and Psychology, explained how she was traveling from Newkirk Avenue to Forest Hills on a Sunday and it involved four trains to get to her friend’s birthday party.

“I felt really bad and at one point I was going to start crying. I finally got there, it was about two and a half hours but I finally got there.” She believes the MTA needs to cut back on all its delays and the trains need to run like it is suppose to. Her curiosity brought her to the event was she found a lot of common ground with her fellow Brooklyn College students.

Richard Lee Chong, a freshman and Digital Art major, voiced out on his MTA daily experience. Chong believes all his experiences with the MTA are bad in their own ways. “During any given time because how unpredictable and just how overall inefficient it is.” 

He called out the N line for being the worst. During rush hours it’s over crowded and he believes it needs more service. “The MTA needs needs to focus more on the service and not making unnecessary changes to the stations,” he said.

Maat Silin, a junior and Television and Radio major, expressed her feelings. “I was taking the train to my internship and it got delayed. It didn’t go forward, it went backwards.” Normally her commute to her internship takes an hour and the delay alone took an hour, not counting it going backwards. With her train turning around she ended up being over two hours late to her internship.

According to Chris Mejia, a junior and Political Science major, his worst experience “is commuting to school. I pay for an unlimited MetroCard every week.”

“I end up having horrible service. It takes 13 minutes for the train to come.” His commute ends up being over an hour and a half sometimes and should be less than an hour. “I think it’s absurd because it’s a service we’re paying for.” He thinks we should be getting better quality.

“We’re expected to not ask for better conditions and expect it to be the norm.” He thinks it’s unfair to target the working class and not the millionaires who can actually afford it.

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