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Cafeteria Curtain Call

Another controversy at Brooklyn College, this time in the school’s cafeteria. PHOTO/ Wikimedia Commons

By Ryan Gleason

Published: October 17th, 2018

A mix up in the cafeteria this week has left two students and one staff member seriously ill. A box of prop fruits and vegetables from the Drama department made its way to the Boylan Hall Cafeteria this Monday morning. The prop produce was left in the kitchen before the lunch rush that takes place during common hours. A kitchen worker didn’t catch the mistake and put the wax apples and mixed fruits on display for purchase.

When asked about the hazardous mistake, veteran kitchen worker Anthony Shio stated,

“I just thought they were super shiny, they felt like real apples.” Sadly, three people had purchased and consumed the faux fruit before the kitchen staff was alerted to the issue. “Wow, those peaches were fake? Man, our drama department really goes above and beyond. I am definitely getting season tickets for next semester’s productions,” said custodian Alexander Bryant after being told he consumed four foam peaches.

When asked for comment, the two students dismissed me as they were embarrassed that they were fooled by fake fruit. As I was leaving their home, the father of one of the students could be heard laughing and hyperventilating in the kitchen. More information on their condition will be released soon but until then, all Brooklyn College students should avoid fruits and vegetables on campus. Be safe everyone.

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