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Campus Style Icons

By Ana Ugrekhelidze

Published: September 21st, 2016


DRESS: Men’s T-shirt

SHOES: Adidas Pro Models

BAG: Leather Crossbody

DEZAIHR’S STYLESPIRATION: “The inspiration for my style comes from the appreciation I have for all cultures. I like to pull a little bit of everything from everywhere and make it into my own.”




Finance and Accounting

TOP: “Traditional clothing, ‘sahevi,’ custom-made by my mother”



SERGE’S STYLESPIRATION: “My style is inspired by a multitude of things, but I’ll point out two essentially.  First, it is the part of the world in which I was born in (Togo) and second, the people that I grew up around.”


gamal-student-style-3GAMAL ABDU



TOP: Nautica


SHOES: Adidas All Black Superstars

GAMAL’S STYLESPIRATION: “My style is inspired by modern day music artists. The upscale street look is becoming ever more present, and I love the fact that I’ve gotten into clubs with variations of this exact look! As a musician, all black draws attention away from my clothes and more to conversation, while still maintaining the interest and respect of fashionistas and musicians alike. And of course, gold is always a plus.”


klaudia-trela-student-style-4KLAUDIA TRELA

Physics Major

Philosophy/Psychology Minor



KLAUDIA’S STYLESPIRATION: “I like to put my own spin on current trends, while using pieces to keep it budget-friendly. I get my inspiration from the classic rocker style with pops of patterns or colors. I don’t really get inspired by certain people, but I really enjoy watching fashion shows, specifically Alexander Wang and Versace. I like to thrift shop to keep it budget-friendly!”

mackenzie-carlisle-student-style-5MACKENZIE CARLISLE

Film Production

TOP: Vintage Adidas Windbreaker

BOTTOM: Urban Outfitters

SHOES: Adidas

MACKENZIE’S STYLESPIRATION: “I like dark color palettes. I like outfits that are subtle but have a little edge to separate one from the rest of the crowd. I like finding clothes from unique places. I like blues and blacks and greens. I like my clothes to be comfortable. I’m pretty active, usually. I’d say my clothes fit that lifestyle.”

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