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Captain Marvel and the Run-Up to Avengers

Captain Marvel mirrors another recent Disney film, Bumble Bee. PHOTO/ IMDb

By Michael Castenada

Published: March 13th, 2019

Here we go again, another retro-movie set in a simpler time in America, Clinton Administration. Marvel takes us into another origin story of a character that most of us have never heard of or cared about. Then Marvel Pictures comes along with another installment of their telenovela, which is the Marvel cinematic universe. Unsurprisingly, AMC 25 in Times Square is almost sold-out of every showing and they are 25 theaters in the building; most of them screening this movie.

Believe or not, Captain Marvel mirrors another recent Disney film, Bumble Bee. It starts off showing us another planet with crowded tech that looks both cluttered and familiar. Soon after a space battle ensues, where the sole purpose is to isolate the protagonist and get her to the retro USA. Here starts the 90’s soundtrack of music used in car commercials and other nostalgic gems aimed at Gen-Xers, such as unreliable dial-up internet connections, VHS, and pagers.

Throughout this drive down memory lane, we have the next installment of our modern-day classical American mythology, Captain Marvel who is hitherto known as Vers. She’s just the same cocky hero in any Dragon Ball Z episode, but a girl. And what a girl! Brie Lawson easily fits in the collection of Calvin Klein underwear models who are The Avengers. She looks great in every shot and her hair and makeup never waver throughout the movie, even in space, which proves that she is truly one of the most powerful marvel superheroes.

The movie also stars de-aging technology on Samuel L. Jackson. I would have loved it if they had made Mr. Jackson look like his character in Pulp Fiction; afro et al. It would have been fitting in a movie that had as many homages as it had Nick Fury dad jokes. Movie homages that stuck out to me were Top Gun, The French Connection, Terminator, Memento, Indiana Jones, Scott Pilgrim vs. The world, Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones. Look out for an aircraft that looks a lot like the Republic attack gunship from the Clone Wars, which is an homage to another Samuel L. character, Jedi Master Mace Windu.

Once all of that was set up, Vers and Fury start their buddy action comedy story. They do buddy stuff and have action buddy moments.

I hope I am not giving too much away. I remember that people I met who really embraced the racial hatred from the Donald Trump presidential campaign were really sensitive about Star Wars spoilers.

Let’s move forward.

Once Vers has her moment of self-actualization and the plot twists were carefully spoon-fed to the audience, we have the big battle at the end that we all knew was to come. I am happy to report that if you liked the psychedelic ending of Spiderman into the Spider-verse you’ll love this. The best part of the movie comes towards the end when our hero has to face her former mentor in battle. Here she shows she has learned the greatest power of them all, which is self-respect.

As far as hints to End Game, there wasn’t much, but I am sure that YouTube will dissect every frame. There are two bonus scenes at the end of the movie, once during the credits and another after the credits. Overall, this movie is miles above than any Fantastic Four movie, Iron Man Sequel, or the second Amazing Spiderman with Andrew Garfield.

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