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Providing Dreams in an Age of Electronic Journalism

By Beata Samel Published: March 11, 2014 Ali Abunimah views his creation—the Electronic Intifada, a non-mainstream news website established in 2001 aimed at providing a perspective of the Palestinian people—as being professional and high standard. I beg to differ. This new wave of predatory electronic journalism preys upon college students …

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Behind Closed Doors: Where Employees’ Health Care Information Should Remain

By Zachary Berkowitz Published: February 18, 2014 Tim Armstrong, American Online’s CEO, has been under fire the last few weeks after using a companywide conference call February 6 to crassly blame two infants’ high health care costs for the company’s planned cuts to 401(k) benefits. While revealing individuals’ private medical history …

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Politics with Paolo: What Ben White Won’t Tell You About the Peace Process

By Paolo Cremidis Published: November 19, 2013   On Thursday the Students for Justice in Palestine hosted speaker Ben White, a British journalist and has written for a multitude of sources, condemning concepts like two-state solutions and even a peace process itself. What Ben White represents as a political construct …

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