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CLAS Presidential Hopeful: David Rosenberg

Rosenberg-Credit-FacebookName: David Rosenberg

Age: 20

Major: Biology

Party: Progressive Hatikvah Downtown

Q. How did you come to join Student Government?

A. Last year, I was part of the Delegate Party and was approached to be Elections Commissioner. I ended up running for Speaker of the Assembly for the PHD Party with a strong campaign, and obtained the position of Speaker of the Assembly, which I occupy until July 2.

Q. What are the policies you intend to implement if elected President at BC?

A. My biggest goal is to be the representative of the student body for every decision. My job will be to make sure students are heard.

1) What we need is serious work on the facilities; we’re still studying in a mid-20th century college.

2) Our party has taken the 5-Bar pledge. In one year we should have Wi-Fi and cellular service in all classrooms and buildings. This isn’t just for convenience; it’s for safety measures.

3) Our Core Curriculum has to change as well, since it was designed in the 1970s and hasn’t been edited since. Our curriculum needs to keep pace with the workforce. The College should be preparing students by integrating a course, “Basic Financial Literacy,” that covers student loans, financial aid information, federal work-study, and various scholarship opportunities into the new Core Curriculum. The 40-minute workshop given at the beginning of freshman year is too little. Few people know there are over 600 scholarships at Brooklyn College. We want our students to graduate debt-free, and this course will help do just that.

4) What we really need is more academic advisement. There are only 4-5 advisers in the office at one time, which are supposed to cater to 16,000 students. Pre-health has a special academic advisement office, and we need to have career-specific academic advisement for all professions.

5) Because of the tuition hikes, the college now has a bigger budget. The college should invest this money into improving facilities and hiring faculty for academic advisement.

6) As for the Student Activity fees, the Student Government needs to make sure the fees are being used correctly and their use is accountable to students in a yearly review.


Q. What are your plans if you don’t get elected as President?

A. I would still continue working for the student body, but also focus on getting into law school and my future political career. I want to be focused on one job.


Q. What are your future goals?

A. I would like to go to law school, focusing in Public Policy. I’m already studying for the LSAT’s.


Q. What are your interests and hobbies?

A. I love to write, to read. I also love baseball. However, I am in [the CLAS] office about 12 hours a day, so I don’t have too much free time. On the weekends, I do get to see my 14-year-old niece!

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