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CUNY’s Fall Fund Campaign’s Numbers Look to Improve in Second Year

Brooklyn College’s Annual Fund seeks to raise over $20,000 on Tuesday. PHOTO/ BC News *Use the image with the people in the background*
Brooklyn College’s Annual Fund seeks to raise over $20,000 on Tuesday. PHOTO/ BC News
*Use the image with the people in the background*

By Adam Zaki

Published: November 22nd, 2017

City University of New York’s (CUNY)  #GivingTuesday campaign is taking place this Tuesday, Nov. 28, and has goals to pass last year’s donation total. After raising $21,000 in 2016, the goal for this year is to surpass that, and continue that pattern for years to come.

According to BC News, #GivingTuesday is a “global campaign [that] takes place on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, and was created to counterbalance the consumerism of ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ with a call for philanthropy and community outreach.”

Through a variety of ways, this event will reach over 130,000 alumni, as well as thousands of students and faculty.

All donations will be given to the Annual Fund, the Brooklyn College Foundation’s unrestricted collection of money that is used for “current needs that cannot be funded by state assistance, tuition or fees,” according to the foundation’s webpage.

While the Annual Fund’s average donation is $50, according to BC News, the #GivingTuesday campaign’s numbers are drastically low in comparison. If this year’s contacted alumni were to surpass last year’s figure by over a $1,000, it would require a donation of 17¢ from each individual alumni contacted.

While discussing the attempts to provide donors with a sense of community, Patty Allen, associate director of the Annual Fund, told BC News “The Annual Fund is built on the collective goodwill of our alumni and friends, and we want them to know that the Annual Fund is something they belong to and should feel a connection to, just like they belong to and feel a connection to this campus.”

The Annual fund has many different ways to donate, ranging from a monthly installment through the Boylan Society, to a $1,000 customized brick outside the West Quad. This Tuesday’s event is another opportunity to provide a reason and a platform to donate.

If all 17,803 students donated $5 to the Annual fund, it would almost quadruple last year’s figure. Even small donations make a difference, as the drive will contact such a large number of people, it is almost unimaginable how much mass contribution by individuals, even less than $1, make a difference.

To put it in perspective, suppose the fund’s money was sourced and donated on strict guidelines based upon use—like fixing the campus’ numerous interior infrastructure complaints. If just the student body individually donated $5 to fix the campus bathroom problem, that would provide almost $90,000 to fix the college’s most noxious and superficial issue.

Tuesday’s event will not only be another fundraiser for the college to gain funds, but it will provide an opportunity for those who are a part of the Brooklyn College community to give after a Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping craze.

At a time where millions of Americans are encouraged to spend money on material items for astronomically low prices, #GivingTuesday on campus will provide an opportunity for those who have a connection to the college to give, which is the essence of what the upcoming holiday season is all about.

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