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Diving Stylishly Into Fall

By Sophie Dweck

Published: September 7th, 2016

Goodbye, summer, and hello, autumn!

With autumn just around the corner, a new wardrobe is extremely essential to walk around in on campus, especially since we’re in New York City—one of the world’s prime fashion destinations.

The color to look out for this fall is blue, according to the Pantone Fashion Color Report. The cool and calming shade goes with almost anything, which will probably make your lives easier. Also in the mix of the hottest colors are warm hues like dusty pink, mustard yellow, and bright magentas, as well as many others. These are the shades are going to be the key to spicing up your wardrobe.

Ladies, put away your puffy jackets and insulated sweaters because coming up at number one as the trendiest item this fashion season is the bomber jacket. Originally worn by pilots during the World Wars, this military-inspired jacket is the biggest fashion must-have during the season transition. In fact, Google released its Fashion Trend Report, which showed that bomber jackets are the “it” fashion staple for this autumn. From suede to satin, from olive to pink, pair it with a dress or any t-shirt and jeans combo to make any look chic. They’re even just as cool for men—just look at Kanye West or David Beckham!

Fall Trends Sophie Dweck 3
Off the shoulder romper from Revolve (PHOTO/Sophie Dweck)

Many of us will miss the beautiful, warm days of summer, along with its hottest look—off the shoulder—but don’t worry, that’s not going away anytime soon this season. Whether you decide on a dress or a top, this bohemian-inspired style is the perfect way to show just the right amount of skin (in a classy way, of course). Wear it on a night out or sport it around campus, either way you’ll be turning heads.

Other hot summer items we’re not saying goodbye to just yet are rompers and jumpsuits. If there is any piece of clothing you need in your closet, it’s one of these. Ranging from denim to floral patterns, casual to formal, it’s the “grab and go” of clothes. Just throw it on, and all that’s left is a pair of booties or sneakers and maybe a jacket—perhaps a bomber jacket?

No matter what season, denim is a staple piece for  any outfit. But this fall, we’re going to be seeing a lot of frayed and patched denim. These styles will go with anything and make a perfect day-to-night outfit.

Fall Trends Sophie Dweck 2
Steve Madden mules and jeans from Zara (PHOTO/Sophie Dweck)

This season’s shoe game is also turning it up a notch with over-the-knee boots. This fall is all about thigh highs. This shoe is
the perfect way to stay warm while walking around campus during the cool and chilly months of October and November. Although we’re not ready yet to be wearing thigh highs in 80-degree weather, mules are the perfect go-to for the transition of summer to fall. From heels to flats, these backless and closed-toe shoes will pair well with any outfit.

If there is any trend to try this fall, it’s definitely velvet. While it was once extremely popular during the 90s, the luxurious fabric is making a comeback. The fabric even stole the catwalks during A/W Fashion Week back in March. If you’re really feeling adventurous, sport two trends at once by purchasing a velvet bomber jacket or velvet thigh-high boots.

Fall Trends Sophie Dweck 1
Choker (PHOTO/Sophie Dweck)

And with every outfit must come a statement piece, and that is the choker. We’ve been seeing a lot of velvet, leather, metal chokers, but now it’s all about the chain. These dainty and delicate chains are less dramatic than the usual 90s-grunge look, which makes complimenting outfits much easier.

So get your shopping on because you’re not going to want to miss this fashion season!

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