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Dream Team for Undocumented Students & Allies: Through Stress and Strives

Jasmyne Sosayas (center), president of the BC Dream Team, interacts with club members and showcases bubble blowing as an effective way to relieve stress. PHOTO/ M.A. Rahman

By: M.A. Rahman

Published: March 27th, 2019

Brooklyn College’s Dream Team organizes a “De-Stress” workshop intended to assist students better contend with academic anxiety in light of midterms.

“I just figured now’s midterms, so now’s the time students like our members are having to deal with it [frequently] at school,” said Jasmyne Sosayas, president of the Dream Team and lead presenter of the event.

The Dream Team, which has a stated goal to be a safe space for students and allies, advocates for their rights in addition to spreading awareness of their struggles.

For Sosayas, a BC junior, as well as a double major in Political Science and Puerto-Rican and Latino Studies, coping with the strains of life as a Latina involved in contemporary American politics is not an unfamiliar point of concern to her and the Dream Team.

In addition to being a socially driven club, the Dream Team maintains a strong activist focus geared towards confronting the problems and persons that have attempted to reduce the accomplishments of undocumented students or students of Hispanic background.

Such sentiments have been demonstrated by Dream Team with rallies arranged in condemnation of the xenophobic rhetoric espoused by the now infamous BC Computer Science Professor Rohit Parikh, advocacy for greater resources be afforded to undocumented students, and panels to raise the plight of undocumented students.

Students at the “De-Stress” event, noted how they found the occasion to be not only pleasant but also educational, both in respect to dealing with the stress they feel like students, but also that of undocumented students.

“I didn’t come because I felt stressed, I came because I knew it would give me a chance to meet new people and I did,” said Mary Zakharova, an international student studying journalism.

“It was very nice,” Zakharova after acquainting herself with fellow peers tasked to construct stress balls in an apparent exercise to help student socialize and learn a means to relieve stress.

“You can’t discount either the active or social aspect of the club, they’re just as dependent on the other,” said Jonathan Cabral, a junior, TVRA major, stressing the importance of both functions of the club to gauge the interest of students.

Satisfied by the event’s turnout and interest among students, Sosayas reiterated the group’s core focus to students. “We’re more than just a club that organizes around activist goals, we’re also always looking to make our events just open social occasions for our members.”

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