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Escalators to Replace Broken Elevators

After months of complaints, broken elevators will be replaced with escalators. PHOTO/ Flickr Creative Commons
After months of complaints, broken elevators will be replaced with escalators. PHOTO/ Flickr Creative Commons

By Zainab Iqbal

Published: April 1st, 2017

It’s official.

After months of complaints from student and faculty, Brooklyn College administration finally decided to take action and replace the broken elevators—with escalators.

But before the whole campus gets refurbished, there will be a trial run in James Hall, where currently only one elevator is working properly.

“Elevators are an essential part of society, and Brooklyn College needs to fix them,” said BC junior Claire Smalls. Smalls transferred to this campus last year from Columbia University, where she believes the elevators had been in “proper” condition. “I mean I’m paying way less at Brooklyn College, but that doesn’t mean I should be forced to walk,” said Smalls.

According to Ernesto Mora, the media relations manager, he has been thinking for years about getting escalators.

“The elevators need to be replaced ASAP,” Mora said. “With an escalator, walking up to my room every morning wouldn’t leave me struggling for breath.”

In the interest of full disclosure, Mora’s room is in Boylan Hall, on the second floor.

For those wondering where the money for the escalators is coming from, Mora explained that it is not from student’s tuition; in fact, Smalls’ father is paying for the whole process.

“We are very grateful for Mr. Lance Smalls,” Mora said. “He has saved us all from this horrific pain.”

According to a private source, Smalls’ didn’t want his daughter to constantly walk up the stairs, “It’s bad for her self-esteem,” he said.

Though many students and faculty members are excited about the replacement, they can’t help but wonder what prompted this sudden change.

According to Mora, hundreds of students were showing up late for classes due to the broken elevators. This had been going on for months, until the school finally decided to do something about it.

“This one time I was waiting for the elevator, and it just wouldn’t come,” said freshman Natalia Miller. “I literally waited for 15 minutes, until the security guy came and told me it wasn’t working.” When asked why she didn’t just take the stairs, she replied, “Stairs are so last season. They are totally out of fashion.”

Just last week, the remaining working elevator in Roosevelt Hall broke down after too many students went in at the same time. The students were trapped in the elevator for 20 minutes, until one freshman finally pressed the alarm button.

“I had to squeeze myself into the elevator. If I didn’t then I would’ve been late to class,” said Eli Kaepernick, now referred to as the “elevator hero.” “I couldn’t reach the alarm button; I was too far on the left side. And nobody else could push it either because we were all stuck together, that’s how crowded it was.”

Kaepernick believes that escalators could help prevent such problems in the future.

“Escalators are very open, and all you have to do is stand on your own step,” Kaepernick said. “If it does get stuck, you can just walk—it’s gonna suck, but you gotta pull through it.”

After the trial run, escalators will be officially placed on campus by next month. “The health of our students cannot be placed in any more jeopardy,” said Mora.

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