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Eytan Galanter Elected as New CLAS Student Government President

Eytan Galanter will be CLAS Student Government's new president. From left to right: Eytan Galanter, Elizabeth Jefimova, Shokhina Badrieva, and Anita Kamal. PHOTO/ Facebook
Eytan Galanter will be CLAS Student Government’s new president. From left to right: Eytan Galanter, Elizabeth Jefimova, Shokhina Badrieva, and Anita Kamal. PHOTO/ Dan Kwon

By Zainab Iqbal

Published: May 2nd, 2018

Eytan Galanter, a Brooklyn College pre-med student and English major, will be the new president of College of Liberal Arts and Science (CLAS) Student Government for the 2018-2019 academic year, with Elizabeth Jefimova as his vice president.

“We are the team with the experience, dedication, ambition and ideas to Build a Better BC,” their Facebook page “Eytan and Liza for CLAS 2018” said.

According to the CLAS Student Government unofficial results posted on Facebook, there was a total of 888 students who voted online on BC WebCentral. Out of the 888 votes, Galanter received 482. The other two presidential candidates, Zunera Ahmed and Brian Cordero, received 254 and 152 votes, respectively.

“I feel extremely happy with the victory of my team,” Galanter said. “I am extremely humbled by the outpouring of support Brooklyn College students showed. I feel motivated to make each and every single one of the 483 students that voted for me proud of their choice and represent every single BC student. I would like to point out that this victory is not my own! It is the victory of an amazing team of hard working individuals. I am so proud of each and every single one of them. Now is when the real work begins.”

“I enjoyed working with both Zunera and Eytan this year,” Nissim Said, the current president of CLAS Student Government, said. “I thought both were qualified to be President, therefore I did not get involved in endorsing one over the other. I left the decision to be made by the voters.”

Anita Kamal and Shokhina Badrieva will be serving as representatives. The new Assembly members include: Nigora Jurabaeva, Sally Cai, Stephanie Ortega, Ilana Wills, Navin Rana, Henry Jradeh, Rebeca Lafond, Nozimakhon Omanullaeva, Ethan Milich, Miar Elaskandrany, Thomas Kim, Mahfuza Sabiha, Benjamin Karasik, Zunaira Naveed, Matthew Moza, Melagras Mirzakandova, Sanjeda Patwari, Alyssa Taylor, David Schykerynec, Nicole Winans, Noorulain Paracha, Amanda Godsil, Khilola Vahobova, Ahmad Thneibat, and Georgette Castro.

The new delegate for the University Student Senate (USS) will be Zunera Ahmed, with Rebeca Lafond being the alternate USS delegate, and Alyssa Taylor being the Disciplinarian.

Galanter has plenty of ideas on how to better the campus, but one he plans to implement right away is CLAS Librarians.

“We would post a general post every weekend asking for any and all questions that people might have that are Brooklyn College-related onto all the major Facebook pages,” he told the Excelsior prior to the election, “and respond to them either through prior knowledge or research.”

This year, an additional 185 students voted online, compared to the 703 from last year.

Said has this to say: “I was hoping to break a thousand [voters] but I think we did a lot better than the past few years. I’ve learned a lot about elections this season, and I’ll be helping draft new legislation to better elections and hopefully further increase voter turnout.”          

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