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Farewell From a Sports Writer—Turned Layout Editor and Web Manager

This is a professional headshot of Sandy Mui, taken by Zainab Iqbal.

By Sandy Mui, The Excelsior’s Layout Editor and Web Manager

Published: May 15th, 2019

Wow, four years have really came and went. It certainly feels like ages ago when I would stay late on campus finishing up a sports story by 8pm on a Thursday. Or the time I stepped foot into the Excelsior’s office for the first time to meet with former editor-in-chief Faraz T. Toor about an available Sports Editor position. I never did end up becoming The Excelsior’s Sports Editor — and I don’t even write about sports anymore (gasp!) — but the Layout Editor and Web Manager positions have been enough for me. And I’ll always be grateful for the most important thing The Excelsior gave me — my love and passion for journalism. If I never joined The Excelsior, who knows where I would be in life? Maybe I’d still dream of becoming an environmental chemist…

The Excelsior has served as a place where I’ve produced some of my best work in so many different mediums. Many of my top writing samples — especially in the features and opinions sections — were published in the Excelsior. Doing layout for the last year has also been rather different, but a worthwhile learning experience — and I have Adobe InDesign skills to show for it. And, while its future remains up in the air with the merger of the Excelsior and the Kingsman, The Excelsior’s e-newsletter will always be one of my main legacies during my time at Brooklyn College. I hope to see an e-newsletter continue at the combined Excelsior-Kingsman, and when that happens, I’ll definitely be first in line to subscribe.

Where am I headed next? Well, last week was my first week as a communications associate at WITNESS — an international nonprofit organization that trains and supports people using video in their fight for human rights. I’ll certainly miss reporting, but you will likely see me stay in the journalism world — in terms of advocating for it. (I view WITNESS as a combination of citizen journalism and advocacy.) I’m excited to see where else my combined interests in journalism and advocacy take me, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you when I return to BC.

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