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Giving Tanx on Tanxgiving

By Jordy Belance

Published: November 22nd, 2017

Well, Brooklyn College, it’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means that it’s time to eat our hearts out, get fat (and maybe tipsy), spend quality time with fam and friends, score a touchdown, and most importantly, be thankful for the things that we have. We all have plenty to be thankful for, be it family, education, career, and/or food! Here are what some Brooklyn College students and faculty are thankful for:

Althea Fordyce, Exercise Science, Junior – “I’m thankful for the opportunity to get an education and be [a part] of a community that facilitates learning about exercise and its uses for our ever growing community.”

Anonymous, Psychology, First-Year Transfer Student (Junior) – “I’m thankful for the availability of classes that there are, like, there are a lot of classes in each section to choose from, so if one’s not available, there’s, like, a lot others to choose from. [Also], I’m thankful for the opportunity I have to, like, speak to advisors, even though I will say that there was more opportunity for that in Kingsborough, [and unlike here, I could just walk-in], but over here it’s still pretty good. [Lastly], I’m thankful for the cheaper tuition rates and that I’m a New York State resident, so it’s cheaper for me [to go to Brooklyn College].”

Aundraya Fontaine, Cafeteria Staff- “I’m just thankful for [my] job and everything [I have].”

Carlos Tashwa. PHOTO/ Lordy Belance
Carlos Tashwa. PHOTO/ Lordy Belance

Carlos Tashwa, Computer Science, Freshman- “I am thankful for 2017 being fun. It was a good year. Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch [was one thing that was good about 2017]. [Also, I am grateful for] the Nintendo Switch [itself].”

Steven Messiah. PHOTO/ Lordy Belance
Steven Messiah. PHOTO/ Lordy Belance

Steven Messiah, Computer Science, Freshman- “Video games this year. [Especially] the Nintendo Switch.”

Daria Mokhmach, Psychology (B.S.), Sophomore- “I’m grateful for my whole family. I have a brother, my mom and my dad. They always support me, especially when I’m, like, taking a test. I always call my mom [after a test and] tell her how it’s going, and she’s supportive. She’s like, ‘You’ll do great.’ [Additionally], I’m just happy [to have] a roof over my head and everything.”

Kanwal Ali, Psychology (B.S.), Sophomore- “I’m [grateful] for a lot of [things], especially my Mom providing us with a lot of stuff in our [lives] because she struggled a lot trying to raise us financially, and trying to keep us together and what not. So, I’m really grateful for her.”

Alpha Barrie. PHOTO/ Lordy Belance
Alpha Barrie. PHOTO/ Lordy Belance

Alpha Barrie, Public Health, Freshman/First-Year Transfer – “[I am thankful for being able to] gather with friends, have something to eat, and [for] all good things. [Also], I am thankful for my health. I think that thanks goes to God because he is providing people with all the good stuff and sometimes you may find yourself in a very difficult moment, but with the help [and grace] of God, you end up doing good.”

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