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“Happy Death Day 2U” Review

“Happy Death Day 2U” comes out pretty repetitive, making the movie feel longer than it actually is. PHOTO/ Universal Pictures

By Carmen Saffioti

Published: February 27th, 2019

The sequel to the spunky horror movie Happy Death Day premiered on Thursday. Amply titled Happy Death Day 2U the movie takes off right where the first one ended. Audience members find out what is causing the “loop” and get to explore an alternate universe. Although it is obvious that the writers wanted to follow the same steps as the first movie, with twists and all, it comes out pretty repetitive– making the movie feel longer than it actually is. On top of that, like with the first movie, the writers moralize the story– however with this one I found their moral logic to be questionable. This made it harder for me to root for the main character as I could see that she was going to follow a path that I highly disagreed with. Overall, however, the writers did a decent job of matching the dark humor, intensity, and plot twists of the last film– making for a decent film as far as horror movies go.

*Spoilers Ahead* One of the most notable differences between the first movie and the sequel is the genre switch. The first movie did not stray too far from a comedy/horror. Happy Death Day 2U, however, goes into the science fiction genre. Its revealed that what is causing the time loop is not some spiritual cosmic force, but Carter’s roommate Ryan’s science project. I am unsure if I like this revelation, but Tree, almost as though she is unintendedly speaking for the audience voices her disappointment.

This new development complicates the plot, which is a big jump from the first movie where the plot and structure were pretty straight forward. The focus of the movie, which starts off on Ryan, shifts to Tree. And again, she has to relive her birthday over and over again. Perhaps the writers thought that audience members would be amused or nostalgic for this, but it comes off as incredibly lazy and boring– the writers did not realize that no one is nostalgic for a movie that came out two years ago. 

Tree, as a result of Ryan’s science experiment gets blasted into another alternate dimension, in line with the multiverse theory. In this alternate universe, her roommate is not trying to kill her, Carter is dating Danielle, and, Tree’s mom is still alive. Tree at first, wants to stay in this new universe as her mom is still alive. But she soon gets jealous of Danielle because she is with Carter, who she is in love with, and wants to go back to her old dimension. To me this is completely absurd. It is completely unfathomable to me to kill off my mom just so that I can be with my college boyfriend. I understand that the writers wanted some sort of epic love story, but how can you possibly give up many more years with your mom just to spend likely 1.5 years with a boyfriend?

Besides these points the movie was entertaining, I just wish that the writers realized some of their mistakes before rehearsing, shooting, editing, and releasing the film. With that being said there is word that A Happy Death Day 3 will be coming out sometime in the future.

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