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Horse Sculpture May Have To Gallop Away

Heather Sioux (right) stands with her horse sculpture near Whitehead.
Heather Sioux (right) stands with her horse sculpture near Whitehead. PHOTO/ Hannah Grossman

By Hannah Grossman

Published: September 14th, 2017

A horse of steel greeted students and faculty who entered through the Campus Road entrance on Friday afternoon. The horse will be seeing its last days at home in Brooklyn College unless administrators can intervene.

The artist spent painstaking hours welding the pieces together and studying horse anatomy. Heather Sioux, a Native American from Northern Cheyenne, created this statue of a Paint Horse as a reach towards her ancestral history. The Paint Horse, a breed known for symbolic ties to Native American culture, showcased a characteristic multi-toned coat with proud metal spots.

 Charlie the Horse, a name that was most fitting for the horse, had taken a year and a half to complete in Metal Sculpture class taught by Professor Steve Keltner. With the final stages tied off, the artist expressed her remorse. “I don’t know of other routes to put it,” Sioux said. Charlie may be abandoned to a storage unit or to a field in Upstate New York.

Brooklyn College, a campus that prides itself on diversity and interest in multicultural education, had taken interest in having Charlie as a permanent display on its campus grounds. Sioux said she has been in touch with a campus administrator and was in the process of approval when complications, such as installing a concrete podium, caused the plan to be abandoned altogether.

Sioux is looking for alternative options for Charlie to remain at Brooklyn College. For all inquiries, Ms Sioux can be reached at hsioux@gmail.com.

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