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How to Avoid a Bad Thanksgiving

There are a few ways to avoid having a bad Thanksgiving. PHOTO/ Thinkstock

By Ryan Gleason

Published: November 28th, 2018

As the holidays approach, we are met with the first of many. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time where families spend time together, discuss what they are thankful for, eat some turkey and hey, sometimes even toss the old pigskin around. But as times change, the disconnect between generations become more and more apparent. As the years go on, the older generations are deemed more and more conservative, and the younger generation is deemed more and more liberal. We all have that uncle who just doesn’t understand or respect the times.

Here are a few tips, so that you don’t stumble upon a bad Thanksgiving experience.

1: Don’t bring up your new vegan diet.

Being vegan is wonderful. Not only does it promote a healthy living style but it also promotes animal and environmental protection. But, your grandma just spent six hours making a perfectly roasted turkey and you wouldn’t want to break her old dusty heart, would you? Just fill up on veggies and secretly eat some hidden tofu you hid in your back pocket.

2: Don’t show up with colored hair/wacky hairstyles.

Self-expression is valued in our society today, but only dirty hippies and drug addicts and rock and roll fiends messed with their locks during the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Your mom and dad spent years paying for your haircuts, your shampoo, and heck, she even washed your hair for the first few years of your life. Why make them and their wallets scream? Wear a decently made wig or a very sturdy hat, and enjoy the smells of delicious food and the sweet silence of your family not judging your decisions.

3: Politics are your friend.

You are bound to have a difference in political views with one or more of your family members. This is a cute little trick that can help you. If you find yourself on the brink of an argument, start a different fight. Put some mashed potatoes in your mouth and do your best John Belushi impression and spark a food fight that will make WW2 look like a tickle fight. You can’t talk about a border wall with a face covered in gravy.

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