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How to Get Published

Get published in THREE simple steps.

1. Contact a section editor.
Have a topic in mind that you’d like to write about? Great! Reach out to the appropriate section editor to pitch your topic.

Don’t have a topic in mind but would like some inspiration? Great! Reach out to the appropriate section editor stating your interest in writing for his/her section. The section editor will then put you on his/her mailing list, and you will receive a weekly assignment sheet from him/her that lists a few possible topics you can write about. You’re not limited to the section editor’s
suggestions, but they’re there if you ever get stuck on ideas.

If you have multiple interests, don’t fret — you can write for more than one section! Feel free to reach out to as many section editors as you’d like.

Campus News: news@bcexcelsior.com
Features: features@bcexcelsior.com
Arts: arts@bcexcelsior.com
Opinions: opinions@bcexcelsior.com
Sports: sports@bcexcelsior.com

2. Write your article.
You’re one of our writers (or going to be one) for a reason — you want to write. So once you have a topic, get to work!

Each section has different requirements regarding length and structure. More details are included in each section editor’s assignment sheets, but if you have any questions, contact the section editor directly.

3. Submit your article by the deadline.
Now that you’re finished writing your article, it’s time to hit submit! Email your article as a Word document attachment back to the appropriate section editor. Deadlines may vary by section, but generally, articles are due by the Friday before the week we print.


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