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I Swear I Saw a Ghost

A freaking ghost! PHOTO/ Flickr Creative Commons

By Ryan Gleason

Published: March 27th, 2019

Okay everyone, listen up, I’m not messing around. I saw a ghost this week. I know, I know… some people don’t believe the jive of the supernatural but let me tell you, I SAW A DAMN GHOST.

Where? Library. When? Common Hours. What? A FREAKING GHOST!

Let me explain. I was in the stacks looking for a book, using the BC resources, as many students do. I turned the corner and right there, wearing a sweater and a pair of slacks and nurse shoes, was this decrepit and dusty ghost. He was wearing reading glasses, holding a book on James Madison, and reading the contents out loud. I shouted “AH A GHOST!” and proceeded to run down the aisle, back towards the population. I heard him mutter something as I ran away. I couldn’t quite hear but I believe he said, “I’m not a ghost. I’m a tenured professor here!” in a grumpy tone. A ghost lie. Ghosts are notoriously famous for lying.

I returned to the library moments later with a few classmates and some ghost hunting equipment (Thermal imaging app on my iPhone and a vacuum I took from a custodial closet). We snuck up on the ghoul and leaped out but guess what? HE WAS GONE. Like ghosts do! Do you think he just walked away? Nah son, this ghost straight up moved through the walls.

I saw it again IN THE BATHROOM. The spirit was turning the sink on and off, almost as if it was washing its transparent pale hands. I screamed and locked the door, throwing toilet paper at the ghost, to make him easier to track. I then slipped and fell in a puddle of what I hope was ordinary yellow water and when I woke up, the apparition was gone.

Please keep an eye out for this haunting… haunt…er…

EDIT: I have been informed the ghost I witnessed was actually, in fact, without a doubt… an alive person. My most sincere apologies to Professor Wallace from the Classics department for my accusations and manhunt.

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