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Trump's new strategy, a slow bleeding death. PHOTO/ Flickr Creative Commons
Trump’s new strategy, a slow bleeding death. PHOTO/ Flickr Creative Commons

By Jaime Saintvil

Published: November 1st, 2017

The Hemorrhaging of the Affordable Care Act

Former Attorney General Eric Holder recently described Donald Trump’s administration’s strategy by saying, “They’re coming up with wedge issues. They’re trying to energize their base by separating various groups of Americans and then playing them off of one another. Trump’s got a base of 35-38 percent, he wants to keep them happy, keep them energized.” Despite the fact that Trump’s third attempt to derail the nation’s health care law was released earlier in the month, the president’s battles against health care and authoritative executive orders conspicuously take place in the backdrop of constant drama. Our president is a master media manipulator and has no problem with degrading the position of presidency as long as he carries out his administration’s evil plans.

Hemorrhaging of ACA

In the midst of Trump’s political follies, he and the GOP have failed twice on their main campaign promise—to eradicate the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The President has not been quiet about the GOP’s failures and has taken it upon himself to see that the ACA crumbles. In August, news surfaced that the ACA’s enrollment period would be cut, marketing slashed, and grants to nonprofit groups, which help the uninsured sign up for health insurance, trimmed significantly. Now, Trump has taken on ACA subsidies that buoy the law. These subsidies are known as Cost-Sharing-Reductions (CRS) which work as discounts to insurers that are later reimbursed by the government and are required by the law, to help eligible buyers afford their deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses. The White House argument is that the Obama administration exercised the payments to insurers without going through Congress. Insurers are now left with the possibility of being required to provide these discounts without being reimbursed.

Trump is sabotaging the ACA for his political conquests. This will leave millions of Americans as collateral damage while the nation blindly argues over his tweets about athletes, public corporations, the media, and hosts of his other public debacles. Trump’s new tactic doesn’t aim to take “Obama-Care” head-on, but to hemorrhage the law into a slow death. Coupled with the halt to fund CRS is the introduction of alternate health care plans that’ll likely be rewritten to bypass ACA regulations—such as Associated Health Plans. Critics say these efforts are being done to cause confusion in the ACA Marketplace. Costs will eventually rise without government payouts. The propping up of these alternate health plans will have the added effect of bleeding away young, healthy consumers from the market place.

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