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Japanese Language and Culture Society

President LaClaire Robinson (left) and Treasurer Danny Lowe (right) pose at the Japanese Language and Culture Society’s first meeting. PHOTO/ Marcus Ayala

By Marcus Ayala

Published: March 27th, 2019

The brand new Japanese Language and Culture Society ran their first meeting in like club room of the lower level SUBO. The club was officially formed on the first day of the spring 2019 semester.

A premium and unique game from the event was, “What would you shoot out of your belly button?” The answer, ranging from traditional Japanese items to peanut butter.

Traditional Japanese food and the alphabet were starting points in the first lesson of the language society. Then they went on to traditional Japanese greetings, formal and informal.  

As the semester goes on, there’s going to be giveaways with special prizes. The biggest prize is going to be awarded at the end of the semester, with their app involvement.

Two of the people that are the reason the club exists are LaClaire Robinson and Danny Lowe. Robinson is the president and founder of the club and Lowe is the Treasurer. They both got their inspiration from the Japanese classes at Brooklyn College and didn’t feel satisfied with only two being offered.

They want to show that there’s an interest in Japanese in hopes that it will be recognized and there will be more classes offered in the future. Robinson believes, “A lot of people are interested on campus.”

According to Robinson, “Limit to how far you can go with Japanese.” With the school only offering those two classes. One of which was Japanese 1020 where Robinson and Lowe had Japanese. Lowe said “We wanted to continue with studies in a friendly environment.”

They also just don’t want to just help people learn their language and culture. They want to bring the gap between America and Japan. An eventual goal for both is to get people to study abroad in Japan.

One thing that can make this all possible is their pending partnership with the Japanese Society outside of campus. They offer inexpensive lessons in Japanese and reduced prices.

Unlike most clubs on campus their club will have a lot of meeting off campus. On Apr.28th they plan on going to the Botanical Gardens and on May.15th they plan on going to a tea ceremony. With them planning to continue events off campus once a month, there will be many more events to choose from in the future.

Also what could be in your future is studying abroad in Japan. With Brooklyn Colleges vast study abroad programs there is none to Japan. Still with CUNY campuses collaboration with one another, there are three options” Hunter College, Queens College and the College of Staten Island (CSI).  

The there offer courses in Japanese language, culture, business and internship and research. With CUNY the credits are also transferable and cheaper than other study abroad outside of CUNY.

Queens is where you want to go if you want language and research study, with it being the most extensive of the three CUNY schools. Staten Island has course in culture, with Hunter College having the course in Business.

If any be too late this semester, still you could start planning for next semester. Financial aid helps to cover study abroad and anything left over can be covered with scholarships. It is advised to apply for as much as possible.

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