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Jussie Smollett Failed the American People

What Jussie Smollett did was wrong, offensive, and disrespectful to the city of Chicago and the men and women across the United States. PHOTO/ FOX

By Ryan Beckford

Published: March 6th, 2019

Liars get penalized. Liars cannot and should not be trusted.

A liar is simply what the word means: a person who has told a lie or regularly lies.

That is the new title for actor, singer, and songwriter Jussie Smollett. Back in January, Smollett reported to the police that he was a victim of an attack, in which police started to investigate it as a possible hate crime.

According to Chicago police, Smollett was walking in the early morning hours when two people he did not know attacked him and started “yelling racial and homophobic slurs” at him. The attackers also yelled “MAGA country,” beat, and poured bleach on him.

Police confirmed that one of the attackers put a noose around Smollett’s neck and then fled the scene.

Three weeks later, Chicago police concluded their investigation and charged the actor for making a false police report. In other words, Smollett staged his own attack by paying two men $3,500 to attack him. Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says Smollett “took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career.”

Chicago police presented evidence to a grand jury court and charged Smollett with felony disorderly conduct.

What Smollett did was wrong, offensive, and disrespectful to the city of Chicago and the men and women across the United States.

He lied to our faces. And, he used us; the American people.

In an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, Jussie Smollett described the attack to the public in full details. But what was supposed to be an innocent, informative interview, Smollett took advantage of media airtime to sell his lie to appeal to Americans instead.

In the end, he lost his case to public opinion.

There are people in our country who face ongoing challenges with racial division, homophobia, and political hate crimes. When these people choose to come forward and speak out, the public will now be suspicious. People will now have doubts about victims of true hate crimes.

They would think, “Are they doing this for personal gain?” or “Are they lying?”

What Jussie Smollett did was spoil the public’s perception of hate crime victims and that is simply not fair. Smollett should disappear from the mainstream spotlight, but not forever. Furthermore, we must also choose to not hear from him until he apologizes to the city of Chicago, the American people, the broadcast media, and his supporters for letting them down. Most importantly, he must apologize to the victims who face hate crimes because of their political affiliations, sexual/gender orientation, and the color of their skin.

Since the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s, African Americans have come a long way. During this time period, African Americans faced prejudice and violence against them. Smollett staging a hate crime to rouse up African Americans is immoral and unethical.

In a political climate where the status-quo is challenged, Democrats and Republicans are fighting on policies, President Trump is making the media America’s enemy, and society is cold; the main goal for all racial groups are to hold hands, move forward, and remain positive.

It is time we look forward. It is time we move forward. By doing so, we can create better people, better mindsets, and a positive outlook for the future of our world. We do not have to agree on the same things and we can choose to react differently to different situations. But what we must not do is use this event to destroy positive work and engaging conversations in politics, sociology, and race.

We must denounce Smollett’s illegal actions and all actions of fabricated hate crimes. Our country does not have the time, energy, or the space to destroy people for personal gain. As for Smollett, there is enough evidence which was presented by the Chicago Police Department and the two brothers who came forward that undeniably shows the act of racism did not happen.

I look forward to Jussie Smollett coming forward to address the American people and apologize.

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