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Letter to the Editor Guidelines

The Excelsior has an obligation to print any Letter to the Editor, so long as there is room for it, it meets proper standards, and it does not contain any grossly offensive material (ex: racist comments).

Usually, students, professors, or student organizations/clubs will send legitimate letters to get a message across to the student body. The idea is that Letters to the Editor can get a particular message across from students without the filter of editing and do not take as much time to edit. We fact-check Letters to the Editor, make sure they do not contain grossly offensive material, and send it for copy editing. Otherwise, letters are left alone. It’s the easiest way for students to chime in on the campus issues of the day.

*If a Letter to the Editor is a blatantly disguised advertisement for a particular product or service, it is considered an advertorial. We do not run advertorials because they are essentially free advertising and confuse the lines between reporting, journalism, and advertisement. If you would like to run an advertisement in The Excelsior, please contact advertising@bcexcelsior.com for our ad rates.*

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