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Letter to the Editor: Why a rise in tuition is NOT ok

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Dear Adam Zaki,

In response to the piece,“Relax! Why a Rise in Tuition is OK,” I would like to make a bit more of an informed statement with regards to why making students pay more money for an education at a public college, that they have clearly chosen, is not okay. I have summarized what I am about to say but I would like to make myself clearer by referring to quotes in the article:

  • “If a student becomes a New York City resident…” Well, if only it were that easy. A student must have lived in the city for one year before applying for in-state tuition. We cannot even begin to assume the conditions in which every student lives and the hardships they must endure to attend college in the meanwhile.
  • “It is time for CUNY students to invest in their own education…” Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s why they are attending school and doing so with CUNY’s tuition in mind. We invest in our education the best we can. We can only be so fortunate not to have to worry about paying for school. When we do, we understand it’s for our benefit. However, I imagine that if you took the time to survey the students at CUNY, you would find a staggering amount of students who are forced to hold a job while attending school in order to “invest” in their education or at least invest in the copious amounts of everyday expenses that this city demands of us.
  • “It is unfortunately time for CUNY students to join the club of indebted college students…” Now, why would we ever want to join a club that takes the money that we worked so hard for out of our pockets incrementally through our lives? Do you think that this will be our only problem throughout our lives?
  • “This is still $15,000 less than the national average…” Yes! This is part of why we have attended a public college!
  • “Education is not a right. It is a privilege…” Such an elitist sentiment will be overlooked for the time being. It is a too heinous of a comment.
  • “ If dedicated enough, a full-time student with a part-time job can still afford an education with a small loan and some budgeting…” Who pays this kid’s tuition?

I could not exactly state your full article, but I think you get the point. This is beyond preposterous and almost made me think that this article could be a joke. You told readers of The Excelsior to “weigh the pros and cons of the situation and come to a logical conclusion.” But if you ask me, I don’t believe you did that. Your article is completely illogical and represents someone who is narrow minded.

However, I am glad to see you raise awareness to the fact that CUNY faculty members have been working without a contract since 2010. That was a nice part of the article so kudos for that.



Shani Nakhid-Schuster

(With the help of some of my 4R roommates, Jordan Kerwin and Kevin Bresnan.)


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