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Lost Pet on Campus

A fox squirrel is loose on the Brooklyn College campus after it escaped from a student’s bag. PHOTO/ Pixabay

By Ryan Gleason

Published: October 24th, 2018

A letter was recently sent to all security personnel on campus from a concerned student. I would like to share the message in order to help our fellow Brooklyn Bulldog.

“To whom it may concern,

I recently brought a species of wildlife that I had domesticated onto campus. I understand I have violated school rules but I will gladly accept my punishment after my issue has been resolved. The issue is that I have misplaced my furry friend and cannot find her. She is a 12 inch tall Fox Squirrel named Jesse (doesn’t respond to that name). She is fairly friendly, as long as she isn’t approached from the left side or the right side or from behind. She is either four months old or seven years old.

I cannot seem to find her after she made a daring escape from my messenger bag on Tuesday. I tried grabbing her but she made her way into the vending machine in the West End Building (W.E.B) lobby and ate two bags of the yogurt trail mix. I waited until she was done so that she would be too full to run, but when I returned with help, she was gone.

I cannot describe to you how heartbroken I am. I would really like to request some help in recapturing my bushy-tailed pal. Please, if you see a squirrel fitting the description I supplied, take matters into your own hands and get my baby back to me. She probably misses her papa. She shouldn’t have rabies, so don’t waste precious time with gloves. Thank you.”

The student’s name is being withheld from this article because of an ongoing investigation. It is illegal to take wildlife such as squirrels from the street and domesticate them, and school security and police believe this isn’t the student’s first offense. Any information can be reported to the various security desks on campus.

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