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Millions Are Watching “You,” the Netflix Series

Netflix’s new show, “You,” was a big hit and has already been confirmed for a second season. PHOTO/ Netflix

By Michelle Odinyayeva

Published: February 9th, 2019

Just post a picture last night out with your closest friends? Just congratulated your childhood friend on his engagement? Posted a “tbt” of your sibling, wishing them a happy birthday, with a funny caption? Well, he knows. He scrolled all the way back to 2014 to the photo you posted with your best friend when you had that bad haircut. He checked your childhood friend’s profile and knows exactly where he and his fiancé love to have brunch. He knows where your sibling is having their party from the post with the details about it. He knows and he will be there.  He has been plotting to run into you and now this is a perfect time. Now, hopefully, you haven’t and won’t ever do or be the victim of stalking. However, in the new Netflix show You, Guinevere Beck was not so lucky.  

Penn Badgley who is formerly known as Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl takes on a different yet familiar role, Joe Goldberg. Joe is the manager of a bookstore, he wears his shirt tucked into his pants and cruises in Mr. Mooney’s Buick Skylark. Elizabeth Lail who plays Beck, a yoga instructor, TA, and a writer, walks into the bookstore Joe manages. As soon as Beck enters, Joe begins to analyze her, from her outfit to her apology. They share a moment, discussing Paula Fox and another customer. She purchases a book then goes on with her day, but little did Beck know she would become Joe’s target.

He begins to stalk her and her friend’s social media, trying to get to know her better. Then he follows her, not on social media, he literally begins to follow her. Watching her through her curtain-less windows, follows her to her hangouts, and tries to learn more about her to “organically” infuse himself into her life.

The psychological thriller is based on the novel You written by Caroline Kepnes, published in 2014. The show runs ten episodes long about forty-five minutes each, narrated mostly by Joe. With each episode, Joe digs himself deeper into a fantasy that he has created. However, the fantasy always gets interrupted by the reality. The reality of people Beck knew before him such as, according to Joe, “wrong men” like Benji and her friend Peach who “is the worst.” The reality that Beck’s does not always do what Joe wants her to do. This disappoints him but makes him feel he must “do what he has to do to help.” The reality is that Joe believes he is the one that needs to save her, completely deluding himself that he may be the one causing her the deepest pain.

Netflix has already confirmed a season two for You. If you have not already watched, I’d recommend this as your next Netflix binge. According to PopSugar, we should be expecting a few new cast members for season two. A new love interest named Love Quinn played by Victoria Pedretti from Netflix’s other new show The Haunting of Hill House. Quinn will bond with Joe over a loss and lack of social media presence. James Scully will play her “confident, opinionated, and privileged” brother. As well as Jenna Ortega playing Ellie, a teenager growing up with a lack of adult supervision, “working cons on adults around her, including Joe Goldberg.” According to Cosmopolitan, Sera Gamble confirmed that Joe Goldberg will leave New York and resume in LA. With so many unanswered questions and new members to come, I’ll bite.

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