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Stop Eating Meals in Class, We’re All Judging

By Adam Zaki

Published: October 11th, 2017 

Eating meals in class is absolutely disgusting. It’s dirty, embarrassing, and most importantly, disrespectful.   

We’ve all been in class, with pen in hand and mind on food. With commonalities between students such as lack of sleep, crazy schedules, and poor time management, taking time to get a bite to eat isn’t an option for many. Whether it’s grabbing food on the go, skipping a meal, or bringing snacks to campus, many students have some kind of system to get themselves fed during the busy school day.

The location of where to eat is a key factor for students, with many choosing to eat in classrooms during class time around other students. Although some classrooms and professors have their individual policies, students who have the desire to eat usually test professors, putting the burden on them to have to be the “bad guy” and request that the student put the food away.

Class time ranges from fifty minutes to over four hours at Brooklyn College, and the same standard holds true at many colleges across America. Most longer classes have a break, which allows students and faculty a chance to take care of basic necessities, such as using the bathroom or getting a quick bite to eat.

It’s important to identify the difference between a meal and a snack in this context and what is okay to eat in class. A good rule to live by is that if the food needs to be temperature controlled (meaning heated up or frozen), it probably doesn’t have a place in the classroom. This means that all type of takeout, fast food, leftovers from home, and anything put in the microwave should be off limits in class.

There are plenty of options around campus to get food that is appropriate for a classroom. The dining hall in Boylan Hall has nuts and granola bars; the Library Cafe in Whitehead Hall has much of the same. Starbucks and 7-Eleven are both walking-distance from campus. Although students pack the local fast food joints along with Chipotle and Ovi’s before class time begins, these options would be better suited for those who are on an extended break, so they can enjoy their meals in peace without bothering others because of the sensory reactions their food is causing around them.

If you must eat during class, get a granola bar, protein shake, or some fruit to hold you off. Leave jerk pork and McNuggets outside the classroom for the sake of your classmates. Everyone can smell your halal food, and the rice from your Ovi’s burrito is left on the seat for the next student to wipe off. We’re all adults, and if you can’t hold off a big meal until before or after class, then you can’t possibly have the self control or determination to succeed during or after college.

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