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Student Reactions on the New Electronic ID’s

By Lordy Belance

Published: October 4th, 2017

Brooklyn College students are now able to use Electronic ID’s (E-ID’s) on their phones as an alternative to the old-fashioned plastic IDs. They are available on the new BC Navigator App, which is taking the next step in making security procedures both meaningful and accommodating.

Some students utilize the Electronic ID app and find it efficient, despite technical difficulties.

“So far, it’s good,” student Ammar Thabet said. “It is more efficient because I don’t need to take out my wallet from my back pocket then open it, take out the ID, show security, then put it back in my pocket.”

Thabet implied that it allowed his entrance to campus to be smoother overall. “I used to spill coffee on myself all the time,” he said when talking about trying to pull out the ID while holding other things. “As for the technical difficulties, sometimes it just won’t load, even if I have good connection. So I have to show my physical ID, [but] that doesn’t happen often.”

Some students see the new technology as a good backup to the material card. “I lost my ID card, so I’ve been using the digital one until I have the time to get a new card,” Xristos Katsaros said. “Sometimes, I have to restart the app if it gets stuck logging in, but it’s been a convenient back-up.”

For students who fail to get their card validated through West Quad every semester, the E-ID can allow them to bypass that process without having to deal with security issues should security see that their ID is expired. “It’s so much easier,” Sasha Berez said. “I use the E-ID because I never have time to get my card validated.”

 However, there are some students who prefer staying loyal to the old-fashioned IDs and appear stubborn to the change. “I already have my ID, so I don’t need a new one,” Jefferson Phanor said. 

Other students see that the change is redundant and the process of having an ID accessible for inspection isn’t too impeding. “My ID card is readily available just in the event that security asks for it. [The app] takes too much time to load, so I don’t see myself using it, period,” James Nikki said. 

Like any form of change, some will encourage, some will resist and others will remain indifferent. As advances in technology continue to influence every aspect of our lives, changes like this can be expected as time progresses.

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