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Student Spotlight on Summer Internships

By Lordy Belance

Published: September 27th, 2017

Brooklyn College prides itself in preparing and connecting its students to the panoply of career opportunities available in NYC. The Excelsior spoke to a few students about their summer internship experiences.

Courtesy of Anaelle
Courtesy of Anaelle

Human Resources major, Anaelle, completed a five-month Human Resources internship at Aflac. Aflac, as you know from the commercials featuring the notorious silly duck, is a major health insurance company. Her responsibilities included assisting with interviews, managing paperwork, searching the Aflac website for candidates who were qualified to work and contacting the candidates who had the potential to work for the company.

“[The experience] was nice,” said Anaelle. “I [acquired hands-on experience] for my major. Everyone was nice.”

The completed internship fortified Anaelle’s interest to launch a career in Human Resources. Additionally, she hopes to stay in touch with her supervisor and co-workers and utilize them as a valued resource for continued advisement and support.

Courtesy of Katherine Maliha
Courtesy of Katherine Maliha

Senior and Theater Production major, Katherine Maliha, took part in a Production Management internship in the Art Department of Brookfield, a real estate company. She credits one of her Brooklyn College professors for recommending this internship to her. Brookfield promotes its services by offering free events to the public, such as art shows, music concerts (e.g. Ok Go!, Common) and theater. The internship spanned two and a half months, from June to early August. Maliha’s responsibilities included overseeing the crew, managing paperwork in the office, corresponding with affiliated companies, and preparing reports.

 “I loved [the experience],” said Maliha. “It was like, the best internship. It really gave me a [real-world] insight to what production management [is] about, and it actually changed what I thought I was going to do.”

Initially, she was interested in stage management, but now she has been inspired to become the Assistant Production Manager here at Brooklyn College. She takes great pride in interning with a company that offers free events, which makes art accessible to a greater audience.

Additionally, Maliha finds it amazing to see where her studies and her experience overlap; what she learned in her internship is similar to what she is learning now in Theater Production. After the internship, she continues working for Brookfield as a freelance production’s assistant. She is in charge of managing people and production materials, which she feels well prepared for because of her strong internship experience. “[The job is] tedious work, but it’s really nice.”

Courtesy of Daniel Veyg
Courtesy of Daniel Veyg

Biology major, Daniel Veyg, spent his summer interning as a research trainee in the Oncology/Immunology Division at John Hopkins University.

Veyg received this opportunity through the Stacey Garil Womack Memorial Summer Internship Award, organized by the Magner Career Center.

During the eight-week internship, Veyg learned about immunotherapy and its utilization in treating certain types of cancer. He was trained to operate different types of wet lab techniques, such as dissecting mice, counting cells, making cell growth media and harvesting tumor tissue. In addition, being in a hospital environment gave Veyg the chance to shadow physicians, attend Grand Rounds and witness the translation of research from bench to bedside.

“I am definitely more interested in medicine, but will probably not pursue oncology as a career,” said Veyg. “I am and plan to be in contact with my supervisors.”

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