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To the CEO of the Residence Hall

Following The Excelsior’s exclusive last week, Chris Omar has received three sexual assault stories from former RHBC residents. PHOTO/ Chris Omar

By Chris Omar

Published: November 7th, 2018

Dear CEO of the Residence Hall @ Brooklyn College,

Condemnations only go so far when the company you manage is responsible for gross negligence in regards to the sexual misconduct committed by your own employees.

It’s not only ridiculous but sheer ignorance to think that a victim of sexual assault would report their situation to the predatory staff that harasses them verbally and sexually on a daily basis. It also shows the true morals of your company to deny allegations of sexual violence going on in your building rather than conducting an internal investigation.

If that investigation were to ever happen, you would learn that some of the “24/7 security,” Residence Assistants, and maintenance staff were predators, targeting young women just trying to live through the abhorrent conditions they were contractually incarcerated in.

It’s also asinine to claim that Christine never went to RHBC management as she personally met with Matt and Sefi on Monday, February 5th, 2018. She told them that she had gone through a traumatic experience. They didn’t care to ask more questions about the incident, only what they could do to “make her happy.” She simply wanted out of the dorm and to stop being harassed by the Resident Assistants who were sending condescending and rude emails to her.

My biggest problem is that Christine brought her case to Brooklyn College’s Title IX office to be told that Title IX has no jurisdiction over the employees of private companies. However, that is an issue I am taking up with the school and not you.

Since I put out my initial video on YouTube (the one you requested me to take down), I have received 11 survey submissions from past residents with “Title IX – Sexual Assault/Harassment” checked off as one of the issues experienced while staying there. Following the release of Christine’s story, I have also received three more sexual assault survival stories from courageous, former residents, all perpetrated by RHBC employees.

Lastly, on cleanliness, regardless if the dorms have been renovated this year, the article summed up MY experience at the dorm in 2016, plus the thousands of others who dealt with even worse conditions prior to this year.

It’s clear the apparent $50 million invested into the building was only to be used as a selling point, and now, damage control for the advertising contract that is expiring in two years between your company and Brooklyn College.

I have plenty of evidence, and if the school isn’t going to advocate for the students, I will. My filmmaking will continue to be a vessel of truth for everyone that has been victimized and exploited staying in your scam of an establishment.


Chris Omar

Filmmaker & Concerned Brooklyn College Student

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