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Trump’s America Nursery Rhymes

A Collection by Ryan Gleason

Tweet Your Tweet

Tweet Tweet,

Tweet your thoughts.

Tweet them all at once.

Tweet something mad,

Make people sad,

Tweet about your sons.

Tweet Tweet,

Tweet a remark.

Be content with what you said.

Tweet something mad.

Make people sad.

It’s 3 A.M, go to bed.


PHOTO/ Associated Press

Don and Kim

Don and Kim went up the hill,

to compare the size of their nukes.

Don came down, with a great big frown,

Claiming it was all a fluke.



PHOTO/ Getty Images

Eric Trumpty

Eric Trumpty sat on a wall

Eric Trumpty had a great fall

All of the Secret Service, looked at Eric with a grimace

Because the wall was only two feet tall.


PHOTO/ Associated Press

Ring Around the Oval Office

Ring around the Oval Office

A pocket full of scandals

Fire them and pay them off

Do it all again tomorrow.

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