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United 4 Israel and the Two-State Solution

“Vision of Peace” focused on the two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. PHOTO/ Marcus Ayala

By Marcus Ayala

Published: February 27th, 2019

Israel and Palestine have been fighting over the Middle Eastern land for decades with no end in sight. The two-state solution was the main topic in the “Vision of Peace” event on campus last week.

One proposed solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a two-state solution. The two states tried to reach an agreement as a part of the solution on a border in 1967, in vein. Israel didn’t accept Palestine’s offer. Diplomatic efforts to reach a solution included, 1991 Madrid Conference, 1993 Oslo Accords, 2000 Camp David Summit, 2001 Taba negotiations, 2002 Arab Peace Initiatives and the 2013-2014 peace talks.

A person that has over 30 years of experience in the Israeli government and is a member of the executive and steering committee of commanders for Israel’s security is Rolly Gueron.

Gueron believes the two-state solution will create a more civil future. He said, “I would love to see Israel stretch to the Mediterranean.” He also sees it as highly unlikely that anything like that would happen anytime soon. He refers to it as, “A pessimist is an experienced optimist.”

Akmal Salimov of the Biology Club and Brooklyn College student was there at the event and gave his take. He believes the two-state solution can work out.

He believes both Israel and Palestine could have a land of their own under the same government. According to Salimov, “Both sides could still exist among their own people but still practice their own religions and beliefs.”

Instead of progressing, Salimov believes the Middle East is regressing. “The tension has been growing and the conflict has been building up.”

He believes a reason for this is the information the media and prior generations pass along. “Palestinian leaders use media to show themselves as superior as well as Israel,” he said.

Addie Abihzer who is President of United 4 Israel wants to see peace in the future. She believes “You’re hurting people that want to live the way you want to.”

She still thinks the two-state solution would be a start. “A two state solution is necessary because two independent states serve the best interest for both nations.” She wants them to unite and live in harmony, still she realizes, “The idea of two possible states can exist ‘united’ is foolish.”

 “The optimist approach to the whole situation is that we can’t get peace we can hope for at least a civil coexistence,” she said. “It could be far down this like with the constant killings. It’s still something that would have to come from both sides of the conflict.”

 “The Palestinian government needs to see and understand that it is in their own interest to keep trade alive with Israel,” Abihzer said, “and Israel needs to see that in order to maintain stability in the region they need to be more patient toward their neighbors.”

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