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USS Candidate was Called a Bitch and her Poster was Removed. Then, WBCR Pulled her Interview Saying “Her Behavior… Didn’t Align with Their Community Values.”

Corrinne Greene’s interview with WBCR was pulled after an incident took place in the station Tuesday. PHOTO/ www.brooklyn.cuny.edu

By Zainab Iqbal

Published: May 1st, 2019

Main delegate candidate for University Student Senate (USS) Corrinne Greene was interviewing with WBCR about her campaign. Her interview, which discussed her plans to increase advocacy, visibility, and accountability if elected for USS won’t be heard on WBCR, because WBCR is pulling her interview claiming Greene‘s behavior didn’t align with their community values. But, Greene argues that she defended herself after her poster was taken off. She was also called a “bitch” and was told “get your ass out of here.”

To backtrack, Greene arrived at the WBCR (Brooklyn College campus radio) station at around 5:45 p.m. on April 30th. She asked WBCR News Director Danielle Kogan if she could put up a campaign flier in the station. Kogan cited a rule Ethan Milich, vice president on Alyssa Taylor’s ticket, said about being allowed to put posters where other candidates have them.

It is to note that earlier on, Milich put up his and Taylor’s poster on the whiteboard at the WBCR station. He was told to remove it, but then argued it was against the rules. Nailah Pressley, WBCR’s station manager and on the vice president ticket on Carlos Calzadilla-Palacio’s campaign, allegedly told Milich, it was “her board” and the poster couldn’t be placed there. After some back and forth, it was agreed that Milich would put his poster on a different wall right next to another poster of Calzadilla-Palacio’s. Greene did not know about this incident until after running into Milich in the CLAS office.

Going back to Greene’s incident, Calzadilla-Palacio’s flier was on the whiteboard. She put her flier right next to his. Then, she went for her interview.

As she was being interviewed by Kogan, a woman interrupted the interview holding Greene’s flier. According to Greene, Kogan gestured for the woman to leave. After the interview was done another candidate for USS walked in to be interviewed. When Greene walked out, the woman confronted her again. Right next to her, was Pressley.

According to Greene, the woman told her she could not post her flier in the station. Greene replied that she had asked Kogan. She also said that if other candidates could put their fliers up, why couldn’t she? After some back and forth, Greene asked the woman why she interrupted her interview when she could have just spoken to her about it. Greene said she remembers asking the woman why she was being aggressive, to which the woman replied she was not.

At this point, someone sitting on the front desk chimed in to Greene, “You need to get your ass out of here.”

“I then said, ‘OK you can take it down if you want, but I’m going to tape the poster on the wall next to Ethan and Alyssa’s,’” Greene said.

Someone replied, “OK, we will.” As Greene was walking out, she said, “I am going to report it to the Election Commission,” and someone shouted, “Go ahead. Bye bitch.”

“I was feeling attacked and thought it wasn’t fair, but I said nothing to Nailah the entire time I was in the office, left when asked, [and] didn’t attack anyone,” Greene said. “A woman standing up for herself is not bullying.”

Greene then reached out to Kogan to tell her about what had happened. To her shock, Kogan told her the WBCR e-board had voted to pull Greene’s interview.

When asked about the incident, Kogan said to wait for an official WBCR statement and said she didn’t hear or see anything. “All WBCR News wanted to do was cover the underreported story of the USS elections and help voters get educated. It’s a standard news ethic to release a statement why information is missing, and I don’t want anyone thinking WBCR News didn’t do the job reaching out to every single candidate and successfully conducting an interview,” she said. “I scheduled and conducted each interview personally, but I was interviewing Fay in the studio when the incident happened.”

“The studios are practically soundproofed, so especially with headphones in the studio, I didn’t hear or see anything.”

“The WBCR Executive Board elected to pull Corrinne Greene’s interview from publication after a confrontation between Greene and multiple members of WBCR,” the statement by WBCR read. “Witnesses of the event and members of the E-Board said they felt that her behavior regarding putting up a flyer in the club room without permission did not align with their community values. Greene will be provided with a copy of her interview to share with the public, following cuts from the audio footage that mentions any association with WBCR or WBCR News.

Since WBCR pulled Greene’s interview, Milich, also running for USS, voluntarily pulled his own.

“I decided to pull my interview, in solidarity with Corrinne, because after speaking with Corrinne and hearing her story, and after having a similar experience to the one she had at WBCR, I do believe she is being treated completely unfairly and this is a coordinated political attack against her,” he said. “If Corrinne’s fliers have been removed, I believe it is the same reason they pulled her interview, political spite.”

The Excelsior reached out to Pressley for comment she did not respond.

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  1. This article makes everyone look bad. Corrine and Carlos are running for two literally different positions. So for there to be any drama between them, that shows poor leadership on both of their parts, especially when they come from the same organization. Not sure why anyone should vote for either of them if they can’t squash the beef between themselves, especially when they’re running for positions where they will have to work with each other to further the interests of the student body. Second, the media outlet clearly does not endorse her and should have been upfront from the get-go if their boy was running on Carlos’s slate. Media Outlets are allowed to endorse candidates, we see it nationwide. All they had to say was, we don’t endorse you, this is our space, so no you can’t poster here, but we will still provide you a platform to speak about yourself and why you’re running. As stated earlier, this reflects poor leadership from all parties. I’m voting Harambe

  2. Professional journalists must all abide by the equal-time rule, and even if you don’t want to argue that Pressley’s position as station manager is a huge conflict of interest* and gives her an unfair advantage, pulling an interview for disputable behavior (again, conflict of interest because Pressley was present) that happened off-air falls short of the spirit of the equal-time rule. Add a disclaimer at the beginning or end about Greene’s alleged behavior if you must – but air the damn interview.

    The flyer issue falls outside of the scope of the equal-time rule, of course, but GOOD GRIEF just let people post their flyers.

    *Can you imagine Tucker Carlson or Anderson Cooper running for president and being allowed to keep their anchor jobs during the race? Please.

  3. Lol what a joke. Personal drama is all anybody cares about. Clearly more important than the state of the school and our educations. As long as Carlos is happy and gets off on his power trip thats all that matters, right?

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