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Welcome to the Bangladesh Students Association

Board members of the Brooklyn College Bangladesh Students Association kicked off the club’s launch with a welcome party. PHOTO/ Marcus Ayala

By Marcus Ayala

Published: March 13th, 2019

The Brooklyn College Bangladesh Students Association (BSA) occupied the alumni room in SUBO to bring to us their first event. The “BC BSA Welcome Party” was designed to make everyone feel at home.

What better way to start off the BSA event than with the national anthem of Bangladesh, accompanied by the traditional Bangladeshi colors of green, red and black. The event was hosted by Treasurer of the Bengali Student Association, Jahidual Islam, the treasurer of BSA. And Jennifer Tasmia.

Islam quickly won over the crowd with his charisma that carried on to the event’s activities including musical chairs. Even with the technical difficulties the attendance was still in the dozens, filling every table. Students from all over the CUNY system including, City College, City Tech, Borough of Manhattan Community College, and Kingsborough Community College were in attendance. The night went by with Islam and Tasmia keeping the crowd entertained with their back and forth jabs at one another.

According to BSA vice president Ahsan Zahid, he had felt very alone with he first came to Brooklyn College and wanted a way to make friends, which is how BSA was formed.

“It’s always better to have friends,” Zahid said. He wanted better social connections not just for him, also for his fellow Bangladeshi people.

The event was also attended by those who wasn’t of Bengali descent. Carolyn Canales who is a freshman at Brooklyn College isn’t of Bengali descent, while her best friend is. Another student that wasn’t of Bengali descent that attended the event was Nazmul Khan. Khan is a sophomore and Computer Science major.

He found out about the event through his Bengali friend and didn’t regret his choice to attend. Khan said “It feels great socializing.” He got to meet new people, which he enjoys, he said.

Zahid said “We fought a war for our identity, for our language, for our culture, it’s important that we keep apart of it even in America.”

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