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What I Think About Facebook

Facebook should be held accountable for false information shared on the social network and should do more to protect users’ private information. PHOTO/ Pixabay

By Carolann Lowe

Published: December 5th, 2018

Facebook may be responsible for any information that is shared on the social network yet is unable to prevent every negative outcome of people’s actions. However, Facebook can take the initiative of removing accounts that may be commonly known for spreading false news. I believe that Facebook should definitely take responsibility and action for their faults that is indeed in their control such as protecting people’s private information from mischievous third-parties and hackers, as opposed to continuously apologizing to save face and failing to take action to prevent it from recurring. Personally, I would simply advise that those concerned about reading false information should stop using Facebook as a news outlet and instead use it for what it was initially intended for – to connect with friends and family. Numbers also speak volumes. The less likely that people are to visit the site, the more likely Facebook’s CEO and team will be willing to take action.

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